A little update.

July 18, 2009

So over the past month I’ve been shooting like mad. A lovely day in Canmore shooting a wedding with a slight downpour of rain, some funky fashion shots with a Ferrari, a special gift for a fiance, a fun day of formals and a beautiful ceremony topped off with an amazing reception at the Calgary Zoo, and to top it all off I got to bring out a bunch of creativity with a car shoot – not to mention all the other fun shots Ive been getting on my spare time.

Needless to say Ive been neglecting the blog updates! Well get your anticipation socks on and cross your fingers for me because ill be busting out some amazing blog posts soon enough. I thought I would let everyone know that I’m currently being a super ninja with my editing hand and busting out some amazing ninja-like skills. Here is just a little teaser from Jennifer & Dereks wedding.

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