Amber+Mark – Engaged!

July 22, 2010

A few months ago Amber’s mom Heather contacted me to make arrangements to meet for a consultation. She was visiting Amber her daughter and Mark her daughters fiance here in Calgary. After meeting Amber I was really excited to be able to shoot their engagement session — even further we decided to head out to the mountains to shoot. Finally the day arrived I got to pack up all my gear and hit the open road. After I arrived to Banff National Park I met up with Amber & Mark than we headed over to the shoot location — and man the location was a true gem! … Not only did I get to shoot in a photographers dream of a location but I also got to document a small piece of Amber and Marks connection. I can’t explain how much I love when a couple is a perfect fit for one another. I got such a wicked vibe from Mark and Amber… Its always the best when I tell a couple to make each other laugh and have a good time and they truly do! Poor Mark had to lug around a huge bag full of gear… Luckily he didn’t mind! The bag contained some of his work attire. Mark being a Calgary fire fighter and darn proud of it we did some fun shots of them in his uniform… I think amber totally rocked the pants! Being a HUGE dog person I was super excited that they were able to bring Brook their super cute dog. She is full of energy and has eyes you just fall in-love with. Also she is pretty hilarious if I may say so. Brook being a mid sized dog (She could totally eat my pug in one bite :D) has a very long tongue it’s so long that I couldn’t help but smile. Brook was such a trooper.… I could tell she just wanted to play and explore… not so much wanting to sit still and post but she held in there and let me get some great shots of her and her family! I tried a few things to get Brook to look at me… giving her a stick proved to be not only a great idea but also quite hilarious!!!!!! I now know Brook will not only eat sticks, dirt, but anything that looks like it could possibly taste good (or bad) haha. I cant wait until Amber & Marks Metallic Engagement Album comes in… I know their images are going to pop right out the pages!!!


Was it love at first sight? Of course :)


What Amber Loves about Mark: His spontaneity. Mark is able to make every situation fun!


 What Mark loves about Amber: Her smile! Amber’s smile lights up the entire is very contagious!


How did the engagement go down, who asked who (little story)? Mark asked me right after we took possession of our new home. It was the night before we flew back to Ontario for Christmas, It was so beautiful outside because it was snowing. Mark and I were on the street admiring our new home and that is when he knelt down in the middle of the road and proposed to me.


 Favorite song to listen to together? No song in particular. We enjoy sitting together while Mark plays the guitar.


 What about Amber makes you smile? I love Amber’s wit and sense of humour…no matter how upset I am she can always make me crack a smile.


 What is it about Mark that makes you smile? How he still holds my hand whenever we are walking together, whether it be a casual stroll or a quick walk through the mall.

How did you know he/she was the one? We knew it was meant to be when we could not spend anytime apart. We were living in different provinces, with different time zones, but we always made time to sit down and talk for hours.

 You guys Love to: Be outside together, whether it be for a walk, a bike ride, a swim or to work on the house.


 If you guys could describe each other in one word what would it be? Irresistible

One place in the world they just have to go to together: No one place, but rather everywhere! We would both love to get some free time to really travel and explore.

Our perfect date is: Spending alone time  together, does not matter where or what we are doing. Our time together is precious because of our busy schedules. The one thing you guys cant wait to do at you’re wedding: DANCE, Amber is a dancing machine.


Favorite drink: Amber = Rum and Diet Mark= Jager & coke


What was your favorite thing about your engagement session? The location and the photographer, of course. Sarah came up with a lot of great idea’s for shots and they really paid off.


Testimonial: We had a phenomenal time working with Sarah. She really took the time to get to know us as a couple to get photographs that really reflect who we are. She was a pleasure, she made us feel comfortable in front of the camera instantly! Ps sorry for the long post ;)





What an awesome session! Great locations and dreamy shots. You rocked it out, Sarah! :)

Your right that dogs tounge is huge! Super cute though! All these are so nice I can’t even pick a favorite!

I found your site through an internet search of Calgary photographers. When I looked at your gallery of photos, I could tell you had the expertise to not only produce amazing photos technically, but also even more important, you have the innate ability to capture a moment in time–in a very beautiful, soulful way. Once Amber saw your gallery, & we met you in person, we knew you absolutely were the photographer we wanted. Thank you for doing such an amazing job!

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