The Best Bridal Boudoir in Calgary

April 18, 2017  |  by sarah

The Best Bridal Boudoir in Calgary

Okay, it’s almost wedding season, so that means thinking up the perfect gift for your wedding.

Something sentimental, out of character (who doesn’t love a surprise!), or perhaps a little daring even.

Boudoir has been around forever. I know because I have been shooting it for over a decade and it wasn’t until just recently, I’d say over the last 4 or 5 years, that it has become all the rage for a wedding gift.

This is how I view it: You want to get him or her the perfect gift and find yourself thinking, “but what could that be?”

Well, the more you think about it, you might start your research and perhaps come across these fancy photos of women embracing themselves and their femininity. Then you think to yourself – nope! Never ever would I do that. But then you think a little more. Well, my main squeeze would be completely surprised that I did this and would prob love that I thought of something so intimate to give to them…

So perhaps your feelings are starting to change at this point. Maybe you are mustering up the courage to give me a call or send me an email just to check out what everything entails. Then you realize, hey, wedding planning is stressful and I wouldn’t mind a few moments to get pampered, buy some new lingerie for the honeymoon, and feel like a billion bucks!

So now you’ve done it – you booked your session. Now what?? Nerves. You sit outside my studio thinking “Will I go in? Or should I just speed off like a pack or wild horses running down a dusty road…” Nope – you are doing this. You leave your car and find yourself walking up to the studio, arms full of shoes & lingerie, wearing your cutest baggy sweatpants and a clear, make-upless face.

Bam!! You are here. Now everything starts to relax, and you feel like it’s really not as nerve-wracking as you might have thought. You have a nice cup of tea, Emilia (hair and makeup) starts transforming you into a smouldering version of yourself, and finally, the part you’ve been waiting for – we get shooting. By this point we are giggling our butts off at the pretzel like contortions you’re doing – yes, I have coined the phrase “boudoir yoga” because that’s basically what it is.

Before you know it, your session has flown by and your anticipation to see your proofs is rising. You get the magical email from me that your proofs are ready and you start checking them out. This is when it all sinks in. Not only did you do this for someone you love but also for the person you the love the most – yourself.

You look at yourself like an empowered vixen who’s ready to walk more confidently though life. You secretly can’t wait to show your soon-to-be hubby or wifey your images so you can see their reaction… but you soak it all in. You are beautiful, unique, and have just had one of the best experiences of your adult years. Embrace it girl, you are amazing!

Regular turnaround time for boudoir sessions is 6 – 8 weeks from the date of your shoot – if you’re running late on booking your session I do have a rush fee that gets you your images within 5 business days so don’t worry! I also have a same day rush fee for those who want to do an in-person proofing session! Please inquire to find out more about investment options and availability by filling out the contact form here: BOOK NOW

Now for a little fun, check out this absolutely stunning woman’s boudoir session from a few weeks ago! I promise to get caught up on blogging soon!