Calgary Boudoir Photographer – I can’t get over her freckles

March 28, 2017  |  by sarah

Calgary Boudoir Photographer – I can’t get over her freckles.

I love shooting boudoir as wedding gifts to future happy hubbies. Calgary Boudoir photography is not only my passion but such an awesome gift to be able to a give woman.

This session was so much fun because she brought her garter and veil. I am definitely all about making outfits look extra special with those little touches. I also couldn’t get over how beautiful her freckles are.

I simply just love making people feel like a million bucks when I shoot their session, and when it’s not only just for them, but for someone else, it definitely adds a little more excitement. I always wonder how this gift to someone is going to go over. Their reaction: Are they surprised? Does their face warm up or turn red? Do they jump with excitement? Who knows, but it’s such a special moment to think about.

I love the experience that shooting boudoir gives to my clients and how much fun they have during the session, but more than anything I really enjoy that the end of the session is not the end of the experience. I think after you do a session like this you get a personal boost in your overall daily life. Those slow days where you might not be feeling 100% you can always check out your photos and get a little pep in your step remembering how powerful it is to embrace your inner sexy. You go girl!