Katie & Greg – Downtown Calgary Danish Club Wedding

August 29, 2017  |  by sarah

Katie & Greg – Downtown Calgary Danish Club Wedding.

The morning of the big event, I met the guys at Hillhurst United Church in Kensington. While they sat in the back room waiting for the girls to arrive, they laughed and read children’s books with two of the flower girls. Beyond cuteness.

The ceremony was beautiful. Greg looked at Katie with such love, and they spoke loving words to one another as they exchanged rings before the priest.

Quickly they were out the door as husband and wife. We headed over to Ricardo’s Hideaway on 17th (Calgary’s ultra tropical rum bar) for some photos of the couple before meeting their wedding party for some fun group shots. This wedding party was such a good time. They joked, laughed, and climbed on things all the while looking ultra GQ. Finally we headed to one last spot for a few more shots before making our way to the Calgary Danish Club for the tropical inspired reception.

Neon lights, big pink balloons, and pineapple place settings with the cutest homemade mini jam jars set the table for their guests. Over 250 leaves hung from the ceiling and the head table was garnished with tulle and the cutest love balloon I have ever seen. It was THE perfect place for Katie & Greg’s friends and family to celebrate their Day-O-love.

Everyone laughed and cried (maybe from laughter) as the speeches rolled on. Switching things up a bit, if you wanted this couple to kiss you were going to have to come up and sing a song incorporating the couple. Between “Who Let Katie and Greg Out” (an homage to the amazing Baja Men hit “Who Let The Dogs Out”),  and reworkings of some of the best songs the 90s, the night continued with lots of love and laughs for the new two.

My favourite part of their reception was when Katie and Greg joined hands for their first dance. It was so romantic to watch – that moment when everyone is crowded around them, watching them sway to the beat, but they are in their own private world. Hushed whispers are shared and only they know what they are saying to one another.

Thanks Katie & Greg for being so rad! Your day was amazing and I am so elated that I got to spend it with you, documenting your love story as it culminated in this fabulous day. Congrats!

Florals by the lovely Monalysa