Something Sultry – Calgary Boudoir Photography

March 8, 2018  |  by sarah

Something Sultry – Calgary Boudoir Photography

Happy International Woman’s day everyone! Being international woman’s day or not you should really think about self love & Calgary Boudoir Photography might be just right.

You’re a woman yes? What have you done for yourself this week? If you’re thinking about it today and you are struggling to find anything substantial then maybe consider how important you are and why you should find the time to give yourself a little appreciation. Doing a Calgary Boudoir Photography session with me will not only make you feel empowered, beautiful but also sultry and sexy. Also those giggly sweet moments of roaring laughter will happen! They always do during these types of sessions.

If you’re not in Calgary that’s ok gurl! I will be doing self love boudoir sessions in a few different cities this year as I have had a big request for them!

If you want to get on my travel notifications please don’t hesitate to e-mail ( me so I can make sure to add you to the list! I don’t want you to miss out on this empowering opportunity. Feel free to include what city you live in and if its not on the travel plans I might be able to add it in! You never know and it never hurts to ask! Am I right!

Also my favorite thing about this session was her reaction to her photos after. We had such a blast shooting her session and when she was beyond in love with how they turned out I was so happy. It’s one of the best feelings when you create something so personal for someone weather they decide to gift it to someone special or they are the special someone. Whats your favorite image from this Calgary Boudoir Photography session?

Thanks so much miss lovely for allowing me to create such beautiful imagery for you and your loved one!