Calgary Boudoir Photography – FAQs

April 29, 2009

Frequently Asked Question’s About Boudoir Photography!

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir is a type of Photography that involves an intimate setting to create passionate images of you. Most commonly you would be wearing lingerie.  Having intimate images of your self is a rising trend for today’s brides. Many of my clients give an album of the images to their significant other.

Where did Boudoir Photography originate?

Well after researching Boudoir photography I realized it is actually incredibly interesting.  A Boudoir is defined as a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. But its much much more then that. It evolved into a room that was attached or close to a ladies bedroom (bedchamber) where she would bath and dress. Then later on in time it turned into a private drawing room, and a place for the ladies of the 1800’s to entertain intimate acquaintances.  I think it’s fascinating that in the 1800’s they had special rooms to romance their hearts desire.
Today Boudoir has evolved into a style of photography where women are in intimate settings in their most intimate of expression. Most women today feel having images of them-selves in a Boudoir style is classy and modern. Often Women will keep the images to remember a cretin time in their life or to showcase their inner and external beauty.

Who gets regularly gets boudoir photography done?

Woman who are looking for beautiful images of them-selves.
Anyone who wants to give an intimate gift for special occasions. Some of the most popular are for Anniversaries, birthdays, and wedding presents, celebrations, and holidays and just for the fun of it.

How do I book my boudoir session?

The most common way to schedule a session is to choose what package you are looking for under the “Photography Services” tab and choosing Boudoir Photography.
Then contacting me via e-mail or giving me a call to arrange the date of your shoot.

Or Click Me

How to organize for my session?

Try to steam or iron all of your outfits prior to your session  – I suggest using hangers &/or garment bags to transport your outfits to reduce wrinkling.

Remember to wear looser fitting clothing and undergarments before your session so that when arrive you don’t have red marks or indents on your skin.

Bring outfits that you feel your best in; confidence is key. The better you feel in what you are wearing the better result you will have in your images.

If you are getting hair and make up done please make sure to blow dry your hair and moisturize before running out the door – also remember to skip the make up.

How many outfits should you bring?

4 to 5 outfits are recommended but there is no limit. You may want to bring additional options to see what is works best for you that day. Always bring more than you think you need because you never know what you might decide to wear at the last minute.

Remember you can easily accessorize your bra and panty outfit with thigh high tights, garter belts, jewelry, robes, etc.

You may want to bring something that belongs to your man: his jersey, dress shirt, ties, favorite hats, hunting attire, what ever he loves would make a wicked addition to your shoot.
Remember to bring lots of accessories and sexy shoes to go with some of your outfits.
At the start of the session we will go over what you brought and make the selections together. I will bring my experience in styling to assist you in your choices.

If you feel that you made awesome choices then we will put them together and make sure we get them all done!

Bring something white and strapless if you are uncomfortable topless for the implied nudity shots.

Do you supply anything clothing or accessory wise?
Yes, I have a bunch of guarder belts, gloves, boas, vintage stuff, and necklaces.

Will others see me naked during the session?

No one other than you, me, and my camera will be there.

The make-up and hair artist generally leaves after she finishes making you beautiful. If she does stay she wont be inside the room we will be shooting in.

Are you allowed to post my images online?

I respect everyone’s personal wishes. Due to the nature of boudoir photography, some images you might not want to share with others and some you might not mind. I always leave it up to you if you want your images to be displayed in my portfolio or not.


Here is a list of types of clothing that you might want to bring:
Booty shorts, g-strings, thongs, bikini undies
Matching Bra and panties,
Bustier, Teddies, and Baby dolls,
Jeans that make you feel great,
Fishnets or thigh highs,
Garter belts (I do have a bunch that you can borrow if you don’t have any)
, Sexy dresses
, Corsets, Your wedding veil or fascinator
Wicked themed hats like: police, sailor, caption, fireman, etc.

Things to avoid: anything with lots of obvious patterns because solid colors are generally the most flattering.

What if I am not as thin as I would like to be?

You are you and that is beautiful.

It is my job as a photographer to figure out the best poses for your body shape and size to insure that the best areas are emphasized and the areas you are not to fond of are de-emphasized. If you have an area your not to fond of let me know ahead of time to I can make sure to make you feel the best you possibly can!

I am choosing to get my hair and make up done, what should I expect?

You should expect an amazing result.

I only use professionals when booking hair and make up artists. In saying that the reason why it is important to use a professional is due to the fact photography lighting has a much different effect on make up then daily wear. Generally there is a different application method and it assures that you will get the best result for photography.


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