Calgary Boudoir Photography

June 20, 2018

Calgary Boudoir Photography.

I am in full swing right now for all the beautiful women in our city looking for Calgary boudoir photography. It’s officially Wedding season (as I am sure you have all seen on my blog and instagram accounts for both weddings and boudoir – make sure to follow them for some exciting news and contests that will be rolling out soon) and in order to keep everyone on schedule doing their boudoir sessions for their weddings, it has taken a little bit of my attention away from blogging. Yes, I am still trying to catch up on all my 2017 blogging. I still have about 50+ boudoir sessions to blog! Can you believe it?!

Sounds like a lot right, but since I love it I definitely will try! And I am going to start mixing in some of my 2018 sessions so everyone can see the new sets and updates to the studio!!! Updates are still going on. The next one is to find an area rug for the Calgary boudoir photography studios living room set and a new couch!

I’m thinking about getting a neutral brown one like the super chic styles at West Elm – what do you think?

Right now the living room set has a black couch and has already seen a few updates – aka bye bye cream and grey stripped walls!

Make sure to check out the old set now so when I post some photos of the new update you can really see the difference in my Calgary boudoir photography studio!

PS I will be doing some out of town boudoir sessions this summer – if you’re not in Calgary let me know what city you are in so if I am going to be close by I can let you know!

Hope you enjoy this babes session! She rocked it!!! Also LOVE her bodysuit!


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