Calgary Corporate Portraits

June 2, 2014

I love shooting strong empowering women such as Lisa.

She contacted me needing some professional portraits for work that were different from the other ones people in the office were getting – you know those ones that your boss sets up for you in the hallway of your office building, with the ugly tie-day backdrop …maybe a little fist on your chin action.

I was clearly happy to obliged. After a quick phone chat we decided that I would come to her home for the portraits.

Normally I’m a little hesitant to shoot in peoples homes as you never know exactly your walking into. You could be walking into a house with no natural light or perhaps a busy background, or every photographers fear…something with junk everywhere. Those two/three things are defiantly not ideal for portraits – especially when your looking for something to use in the corporate world.

When I arrived at Lisa s place I instantly was pumped to shoot her inside her house. It has massive windows on the super modern exterior. Normally with newer homes you can defiantly judge a book by its cover!

Once I was inside Lisa showed me around to see the different options for the “backdrops” we could use. Each room had perfect qualities to it that would work for her portraits. After checking out her wardrobe we started our shoot. She clearly is stunning so the portraits were nothing but breezy. The thing I most enjoyed was talking to her and meeting her lovely family. They all hung out while we shot in different rooms.

Thanks Lisa for such a wonderful session! Hope your portraits are working out as wonderful as it was to shoot you!

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