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May 26, 2011

So over the long weekend we finally found some motivation and time to paint! Oh yes that means no more 100% beige house. Thank God!

After visiting a lot of design websites and “modern” show-homes around Calgary we fell in-love with the new grey tones a lot of people are using. On Saturday morning after we ate one hell of a delicious breakfast Leigh and I hit up the new Lowe’s on 130th. After a few convos back and forth “this grey looks green” … “yea that looks purple not grey” we finally choose a gooder! (So what it only took us about a half hour to nail down the correct choice for us – hehe).

Keep in mind I normally put a lot of artistic toning on my images so I have left these ones alone for the purpose of showing off the new colour and it just so happened I had two client albums come in from KISS that I was super pumped about so I decided to do a few Album shots and a few detail shots.

Leigh is in the process of designing a custom print for me to make a stencil out of and than we will be doing a few more updates to the house – more photos will come as more updates go down! :P


First off here is “helper pug” formally known as Tiesto. Shes a peach!

Our awesome new pillows.

Alicia+Galans beautiful Linen 10×10 Album.

This Red guy here is Paula+Joeys Linen Album. I am melting!

Below if one of my favorite spreads in Paula & Joeys Album.

Side note* I have to say how much I LOVE the way the Vintage Trunk turned out.

My amazing mom decided to give it to me (long story short when she moved from the UK she packed up her stuff in this beautiful creation and its seriously been everywhere – and now its in its new home…. my home) – I am a DIY kind of girl and I love my spray paint!!! (this sucker use to be black btw).

It only took a month to complete and was totally worth the wait.


I really like the paint color you chose!

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