Cat & James – Urban Engagement Photos

November 7, 2017

Cat & James – Urban Engagement Photos.

Remember a few weeks ago when we had that crazy wind storm? Well, Cat & James just so happened to rock the f out of their urban Engagement photos despite the wind being so crazy.

We were super lucky that Cat had the perfect bangs to rock a delightful 80’s throwback look for half the photos. Just kidding! The wind is not always a girl with side-swept bangs’ best friend as Cat would put it. Regardless, I don’t think the three of us stopped laughing for more than 2 minutes at a time during their engagement photos.

I think I am mostly jazzed that I had Cat and James completely sold on these badass locations from just a few snaps of them that I took on my iPhone. They turned out to be even more spectacular than I had anticipated.

Also we basically got away with not being soaked by the downpour that happened at the last 10 minutes of their session, as we were graciously let inside a local antique store for a few moments before we parted ways!

I can’t wait to see these two tie the knot on their day-o-love at Hotel Arts next year! Also I can’t wait to see what random things I can get them to climb in their fancy wedding clothes *smiles and laughs slightly evilly*…

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