Crowsnest Pass Abandoned Coal Processing Facility – Urban Exploration Alberta

November 13, 2016

Crowsnest Pass Abandoned Coal Processing Facility – Urban Exploration Alberta

Stumbling upon an abandoned coal processing facility is something of a dream for me.

I just love abandoned places, and on a scout this past summer, I found and explored this amazing facility in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

If you’re on the hunt for a place to explore like this, I highly recommend that you take extreme precautions. I would never ever suggest that you go inside these places, as it’s always a risk when I step inside different buildings. Because of the nature of these ruins, you can clearly tell they are falling apart from age and vandalism. Also there are always scraps of metal in the fields around these kind of places, amongst other things, so even walking close to them can be dangerous.

Whenever I go to these places, I take a real chance on my own safety – but I am always extremely careful! I absolutely love to see what buildings of the past were like and imagine how the people who had to work or live in them would have seen things.

I like to think I have a really good imagination. Looking at this building and seeing the contrast from what it must have been like originally to what it’s like now was mind-bending. I really love being able to explore and see how new and old collide in abandoned places like this.

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