Erika & Alex’s Drumheller wedding

January 27, 2016

Erika & Alex are super laid back people with amazing hearts.

We met only three months before they got hitched and after hearing about their plan for their Drumheller wedding I was so glad I was still available.

We got to know each other while shooting their engagement photos in an aeroplane graveyard outside of Calgary, AB close to where Alex took aviation. I knew after that day I was the perfect photographer for them and they were the perfect couple for me. Climbing into an old dilapidated barn just so I could get a sweet shot would probably give some people a feeling of hesitation but they were totally into everything I wanted to do.

So I just knew on their wedding day getting them to climb up, say, a hoodoo wouldn’t be any kind of an issue but in fact would excite them and be a fun experience. After all, how many couples can say they went off-roading and climbed up a wind- and water-carved mountain on their wedding day.

Road tripping is one of my favourite things to do. When you combine a perfect day with a two hour drive to shoot the sweetest couple, you know you’re in for a treat.

They got married in a little church in the middle of a big wide open field in Drumheller, AB and Alex, being a connoisseur of cars, had their friend bring an old Ford Model T for them to drive off in after the ceremony.

We pulled off the highway down a slip road and into the badlands. After a ways down the dirt road we pulled over and hiked up the the hoodoos. Something about going off the beaten trail brings a romance to images. It’s like the minute you spend standing looking at one another will never be experienced in the same spot by someone else ever.

After an amazing time in a coal mine we headed back to Alex’s parents house for their quaint backyard reception. As Alex’s dad announced their arrival the couple started off with their first dance followed by some sweet words from their family. The cozy feeling was all throughout the evening as family chatted and a rainstorm almost blew in but passed us just so perfectly that the air was cooled.

I can’t say exactly what my favourite detail Erika added to their reception would be, but I can definitely say their dinosaur cake toppers were amazing. She added a little piece of her wedding dress to make a veil for the one Dino and they sat perfectly on top of the butter cream wedding cake from Crave Cupcakes.

Maybe their tree-hung chandelier over their sweetheart table might be the runner up or perhaps their lemonade bar – basically everything at their wedding was thought-out and made their intimate wedding unique and individual to them. I absolutely couldn’t have been any happier than I was rolling up to the Tim Hortons after the evening ended and with a double double in my hand chatting with Cheyenne about how much fun we had being part of their day.

Hair Stylist // Bevan Scott Beauty Salon
Make-up Artists // Bevan Scott Beauty Salon
Getting Ready Location // Alex’s Parent’s House
Brides dress // Deza’s Bridal 
Shoes // Nine West
Jewellery // The Bay 
Wedding Rings/Bands // Peoples
Ceremony Location // Orkney Presbyterian Church
Officient // Ena VanZoren
Reception Venue // Alex’s Parent’s House
Florist // R & J Flowers 
Cake // Crave

What was your wedding colours: Soft pink and white
What theme or feel were you going for: Rustic Vintage
Your top 3 best moments and why:  (1) Walking down the aisle: This was the moment we realized we would be spending the rest of our lives together, our commitment to each other forever. (2) Photo shoot: It was so much fun to get a professional photo shoot done. We had a lot of fun and loved going along with all the creative ideas that turned out great! (3) Alex’s song: This was probably the most touching part of the day for me, a very personal and emotional tribute to our relationship.
Wedding song, explain choice for song: Our wedding song was the song we used to listen to when we were first dating and fell in love.

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