Favourite Bouquets of 2017 – Wedding Edition

February 20, 2018

Favourite Bouquets of 2017 – Wedding Edition.

As you know by now I LOVE the details, big or small. One of my favourite things on a wedding day is to check out what my brides have chosen for flowers.

Not only do they compliment their wedding vibe and attire but they add so much to our images. I personally love oversized bouquets and unconventional bouquets – of course there’s nothing wrong with a beautiful bouquet of roses, but when you add in King Proteas, Ranunculus, Scabiosa Pods or Succulents you have yourself one hella sweet floral to hold.

I have been so lucky that recently a few of my Brides have gone with flower or greenery crowns – I just love the natural feel flowers give a wedding day. I was super surprised how well they held up. If you’re thinking about getting one you should check out Cheryl’s beautiful red rose crown, Shannon’s blush crown, and Stephanie’s greenery crown.

Here are my top ten reasons why I love wedding bouquets:

1. They make your vibe pop. One of the best ways to make your full wedding love story cohesive is to pull together the colours and the vibe throughout your whole day. From your flowers, to your dress, to your venues and place settings, everything ties your day together in the end if your follow a vibe and style!

2. Flowers give you something to hold – they allow you to ease into a lot of non-posed photos – if you’re looking for those natural style images I am known for, then holding a bouquet definitely helps.

3. Scent – Flowers add so much to the feel of your day and who doesn’t love smelling the sweet scent of your flowers all day. Skip the perfume and just hold these babies!

4. The way they are wrapped. My preference for bouquets is long ribbons. Ones that can flow down and catch the wind. It adds a lot of romance to a bouquet and depending on your dress can even add a playful feel to your look – depending on what you’re going for. My second favourite wrap is where you still see the stems.

5. Goodbye awkward hands. If you’re one of those people who aren’t super sure where to place your hands, and your dress doesn’t have pockets, then a bouquet is one lovely way to give your hands something to do.

6. Marriage license table addition. You know that point in your ceremony where you sit down at a little table adorned with a cute pen and a few documents that join you and your loved one in matrimony? Well that table and those photos could look so much more cute if you pop your bouquet and your MOH bouquets down on the corner. I have a favourite way of shooting this moment and florals help so so much!

7. Hiding food on your tables during speeches. Yes this happens all the time. It’s actually one of my type A pet peeves as a human. Sometimes speeches happen during dinner and the plates haven’t been cleared yet. Ask yourself this… do I want to see dirty plates and cutlery in my memories? Your answer is probably no. If it is then this is a trick I use. I will grab your bouquet and place it down on your table to use it as a foreground blocker – aka goodbye dirty plates hello romantic moments. Keep in mind this isn’t something that always works but it’s an amazing option to have as a photographer!

8. Flowers attract bumble bees. Bees give us bananas, strawberries, and apples, so we should thank them. Funny? Okay, but for real some of the funniest moments I have had is when bees have decided to take a seat down on a brides bouquet. Hilarious reactions also include when Jackie had a bee fly from her bouquet down her dress and had to keep blowing it away from her.

9. Better than fist pumping. Yes you heard me right. Pumping your bouquet in the air after you’re pronounced husband and wife or wife and wife or husband and husband is possibly one of the best feelings you can have! Also it looks beyond adorbs when you’re looking back on your photos.

10. LAST but not least, if you’re feeling traditional you can throw it at a group of your friends and possibly hit one of them straight in the face lol. Just kidding – but you can make your girls go nuts over trying to catch the bouquet or you can “fake” drop it and hand it to your sister as her mister gets down on one knee and proposes like Danielle did at her wedding this year!

If you’re looking for a recommendation on wicked florists here is a little list I have compiled of people I have worked with that I LOVE!

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Love list:

Flowers by Janie, Canmore and beyond.

Willow Flowers, Canmore

Amborella Floral Studio, Calgary.

Red Rose Florist, Calgary (red rose flower crown)

Jasper Park Lodge, Onsite florist is amazing.

Deevine Petals, Calgary.

Monalysa, Calgary.

Elements Floral Design LTD, Canmore.

Avenida, Banff, Canmore.

Thalea Florist , Calgary.



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