Heather & Lindsay – Romantic Inglewood Engagement Photography in Calgary

March 20, 2018

Heather & Lindsay – Romantic Inglewood Engagement Photography in Calgary.

For the sweet love of coffee and succulents!

I remember the evening I met Lindsay & Heather. While I was sipping a coffee at Phil & Sebastian’s in Charbar, these two walked in and I instantly saw such an amazing match. Their chill vibe and sweet love for one another made me so excited to photograph them. I knew their connection would be amazing to capture and their laid-back, super chill vibe was exactly what I love.

We chatted about their love of coffee and simplicity while going over plans for their May wedding before taking a quick tour of Charbar to get an idea of what their wedding layout will be like. After getting to know them a little more, I just knew Inglewood would be the perfect place for us to adventure for their Engagement photography session.

Strolling around the industrial area here in Calgary, I snapped as Heather and Lindsay chatted and climbed ladders to rooftops to get romantic evening sky views before we ran from the rain. This unplanned weather change (torrential downpour) made us sidetrack our outside plans so instead we went into a few stores in Inglewood. Inglewood happens to be one of my favourite places in the city and I knew it would be more than the perfect backdrop to show off their love. We explored and giggled in Plant (an amazing store where you can buy all kinds of plants and quirky decor) and laughed in Inglewood’s new Rosso location before the evening was over.

I can’t wait to document Lindsay & Heather’s love story in May. Make sure to check back so you can see their sweet day-o-love story.

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