Melissa & Chris – Royalton Riviera Cancun Wedding

September 6, 2016

Melissa & Chris – Royalton Riviera Cancun Wedding

Melissa & Chris’s Wedding at The Royalton Riviera in Cancun, Mexico, was more than just a day full of love and fun. It was a day where their closest friends and family all hopped on the same plane and spent a week playing in the pools, having dinners together and making memories.

Despite flight delays and unexpected moments, nothing about Melissa & Chris’s day was less than amazing.

The girls spent the morning getting their hair and make up done as I met up with the guys and photographed them hanging out and getting ready for the day. I popped over to meet Melissa and the ladies as tears of joy and laughter were shared. The girls got ready in the air-conditioned room and Melissa stepped into her dress with the help of her sister Ashley. The moments that Debra saw Melissa fully dressed made my heart tight and my shutter open and close at a pretty rapid speed.

The forecast was rain. The night before the wedding, I checked my weather report probably 30 times hoping that it would change. Still, when I work up, the day called for thunder showers. In tropical climates you can never predict what will actually happen. As I was about to leave to meet everyone for getting ready photos, I checked my phone one last time … bordering on being neurotic, it sure paid off! It had changed to perhaps a chance of rain in the early evening. Still, Melissa & Chris had planned their ceremony for the beach and the reception would also be on the beach at the Nautica Beach Bar. It’s an open air beach bar with swings and access to their amazing dance floor that was lit with cafe lights and 500 paper hearts that Melissa had made and brought all the way from Canada.

Luckily, the rain decided to come the days following the wedding. It was more than luck. I chalk it up to the fact that the night before the wedding, everyone gathered on the beach, and as the groom dug a deep hole, they planted a sausage that the bride’s dad had yanked from one of the restaurants earlier that day. This is a tradition that Melissa’s family does back in Britain. Three years ago, when I shot Ashley & Marks wedding in Banff, AB, they also did the same thing and it magically worked. I might start suggesting this to everyone I know who is getting married!

Between the amazing weather and everyone’s excitement for the bride and groom, I can’t imagine not being a part of their big day.  I can’t wait for them to re-live this amazing day of love when they get their photos!

Hair Stylist // Elias at Royalton Riviera Spa
Make-up Artists // Elias at Royalton Riviera Spa 
Brides dress designer // Allure Bridals
Store purchased from // The Bridal House
Shoes // Havaianas
Jewellery // Swarovski
Suit // Derks
Shoes // Havaianas
Watch // Fossil
Wedding Rings/Bands // Spence Diamonds
Ceremony Location // Beach
Reception Venue // Nautica Beach Bar (Royalton)
Wedding Planner //  Luxe
Wedding Signs // DIY
Something Borrowed // My mother’s blue sapphire engagement ring
Something Blue // Undergarments ;)
Something New // Blue stitched handkerchief from my sister 

From the Bride and Groom:

Wedding colours // Plum, Turquoise, Ivory & Gold .

What theme or feel they went for // Simple yet pretty. Our idea was to let the ocean and beach setting set the tone for the ceremony & reception. We only added a few little details to help enhance the romantic and simple feelings of love that we were feeling and sharing that night.

Their top 3 best moments & why //

Melissa – Walking down the boardwalk and beach towards Chris. It was a scorching 32 degrees out on our day in Mexico, and my big puffy dress allowed for no air circulation, so standing outside and waiting for my turn to walk was torture. However, the second I laid eyes on my handsome groom I completely forgot about the heat. I was completely taken by the moment and all that I was walking towards…My future with this man.

Chris – Similarly I too was melting in the heat. So many eyes were focused on me, and on my reaction to my bride walking down the beach. Even through the heat and blinding sunlight I knew I could stand there for hours because I knew she was coming to marry me.

Sitting down to our reception and gazing out at the most beautiful view I think we’ve ever taken in together. There was this big beautiful ocean providing the most gorgeous backdrop, but it was the 49 wedding guests sitting in front and around us that made it exceptionally beautiful. Sitting just feet away from us was a group of our nearest and dearest family and friends, all of whom have touched us separately and together as a couple over the years. It was so special to share and celebrate this special moment with all of them.

Our first dance was a very special moment for us both. Our resort was big and beautiful, but it seemed no matter where we went there was always someone with us. Although we weren’t necessarily alone, with 49 sets of eyes watching us and all, it was the first uninterrupted moment of our day where it was just the two of us. There could have been 1000 people watching but all we saw and felt was each other. We let the song we so carefully chose take us away.

Wedding song // The Luckiest by Ben Folds – It is a song we listened to from time to time over the years while we dated and fell in love with each other. Once engaged, and completely in love with each other, we both started identifying with the words of the song and his soulful voice. There was never another song considered when selecting our first song. The lyrics just spoke to us, and reflected our journeys finding each other and how we feel about one another. 


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