Nicole & Nick – Downtown Calgary Engagement Photos

June 7, 2018

Downtown Calgary Engagement Photos 13

Nicole & Nick – Downtown Calgary Engagement Photos.

I absolutely love that in Calgary we have the ability to find so many different scenes and spaces to shoot in. Nicole & Nick’s downtown Calgary engagement photos are the perfect example of how awesome our city is.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shooting in the Mountains and will gladly jump at any opportunity to hike and travel for sessions and Weddings, but our city is also so beautiful. We have quirky little areas that are the perfect compliment for a more urban setting, plus, the ability to walk around and have a general idea of what spots you want to hit but also surprise yourself with more organic finds along the way. It’s super inspiring to vibe off peoples mood and style when finding the perfect settings to show their connection.

On the day of their session I met Nicole and Nick on the corner street by Thai Tai (If you’re a Calgarian you know where this delicious joint on 17th is). We walked around to a few spots on 17th Ave before going deeper into downtown. We stopped at my all-time favourite Sunday brunch spot for a few shots, since Nicole’s dress complimented the distressed painted exterior the Diner has.

Everything about the time I got to spend with Nicole and Nick was awesome – especially the laughs that were shared. Nothing better than finding yourself in a flowery tree and getting petals all in your hair!

I just have to say that I am beyond excited for next weekend as I get to document their love story further on their Day-o-love (aka Wedding Day!)

Looking forward to adventuring and curating more amazing memories with these two!

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PS I really can’t wait to see Nicole’s shoes (my personal obsession – I always wants to know what shoes people will get). Who else is with me?


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