Calgary Winter Wedding at the Bow Valley Ranche

March 10, 2017

Raelene & Taylor – Calgary Winter Wedding at the Bow Valley Ranche.

What an absolutely amazing Calgary Winter Wedding at The Bow Valley Ranche! Even though it was a little cold outside these two fully embraced it.

What makes two peas in a pod?

Well, I think it takes a massive connection and perhaps a little bit of luck in finding someone who you want to stand beside through thick and thin. I would say these two are definitely those peas in their pod.

The whole day they were champions. It was cold enough outside to feel it, but we had the luck of the chinook on our side as well. Their first look was right outside of the Ranche in Fish Creek, and later we headed downtown to shoot photos of just the two of them. After that, we headed back for a few shots with the bridal party in Fish Creek right by The Bow Valley Ranche before the ceremony began.

Calgary Winter Wedding Ceremony

Tears were shed, love was shared, and two people were joined. It was everything a ceremony should be. This didn’t surprise me at all.

Rae is literally just that. She’s a beam of happiness – I have never seen her not smile or laugh. Her deep love for Taylor is obvious. Taylor definitely shows Rae a love that is unmatched. You can see it in the way he looks at her, the sweet kisses he plants on her face, and the willingness to do anything to make her happy – even if it’s smooching in front of randos walking around Inglewood (haha!).

Through the last year and a bit of getting to know these two, I have been super lucky to have had an inside scoop on their plans for the wedding.

Raelene sent me photos of her ideas and massive awesome flower hall.

I remember when we were shooting their Engagement session how we walked around, her in tights and a cute dress, him in a button-up, me in a jacket complaining about how freezing cold the day was… It flew by and before I knew it they had to run. Possibly my favourite thing about shooting people is when they are just themselves. Rae is such a kindhearted person that she actually bought me special gloves for her wedding day so my hands could stay toasty and I wouldn’t be cold.

Her kind gesture was absolutely shocking and heartwarming!

The rest of the day was amazing. The ladies from Lynn Fletcher Weddings were there to make sure everything ran on time, and they executed Raelene and Taylor’s vision flawlessly. I couldn’t have been more excited to be part of such a special day.

Check out their love story and feel free to leave a comment on the blog!

Vendor Love:

Bride Getting Ready Location // The Bow Valley Ranche 
Brides dress designer // Allure Bridal – The Bridal Centre
Shoes //  Davids Bridal (Truly Zacposen) / Boots – Sorel
Nails // Future Nails  – 17th Ave SE Calgary
Garter // The Bridal Centre
Jewellery //  Swarovski
Veil / head piece //  The Bridal Centre
Hair Stylist // The Pretty Haus – Stylist Crystal Lockhart 
Make-up Artists //  Kayla Veno

Groom Getting Ready Location //The Bow Valley Ranche 
Suit // Moores
Cufflinks //Moores
Tie //Moores
Shoes //  Aldo
Wedding Ring/Bands //  People’s & Maggie’s

Grooms Ring // Burnished Earth Design 

Ceremony Location // The Bow Valley Ranche 
Officient //  Tamara Jones
Reception Venue // The Bow Valley Ranche 
Caterer // The Bow Valley Ranche 
DJ or Band //  Hype Entertainment – Cory
Wedding Planner // Lynn Fletcher Weddings – Day of Coordinator  Amy Nelson
Favours //  Sarah Pukin Photography (Photo Booth)
Cake // The Bow Valley Ranche 

Transportation // Ambassador Limos
Wedding Signs //  Bride

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From the Bride & Groom about their Calgary Winter Wedding

Wedding Colours //

Navy , Blush and Gold.

Vibe //

Timeless Elegance and a Little Bit Rustic.

“After finding the amazing historical venue of The Bow Valley Ranche I knew I wanted to breath that into every aspect of the day and decor.

Working in architecture I love old buildings and their “character” they have an understated charm and elegance which is exactly how I wanted my day to feel.  I chose what colours I felt would compliment the feel of the venue and give it the sparkle of celebration without being overly “glam”.

Soft hued florals with lots of natural tones in the decor dotted with metallic sparkle. Rich Navy Suits  and Blush Gowns to add to the sophistication.

The cherry on top my Vintage inspired full lace gown with just enough sparkle. I could not have been happier with how it turned out.”

The overall feel I wanted for my wedding was an understated elegance. I wanted to feel classy but comfortable (I hate being the centre of attention) and my guests to feel pampered but at ease enough to get down at the reception and have a great time.

Top 3 best moments & why:

1. Our First Look Photos (Doing Our Bride/Groom Formal Photos First). This is my number 1 because it was that first moment when it was real we were getting married and to be able to spend that moment together without 100 faces staring at us was amazing. We got to chill with each other for a few hours taking in the day and enjoying each other (this was the most relaxed I was all day I’m sure).

2. Taylors Vows: We both wrote our vows to each other I was a nervous basket case before and his vows made that disappear. We both love music so we don’t really have a song we have a playlist that describes how we feel his vows referenced lyrics from our songs 13 in total

3. Opening Up the Dance Floor To the Cadillac Ranch and Having our Guests all join in. The ceremony may have been about us getting married but the day was about Family coming together and having a crazy fun time and nothing quite says that like a line dance.

Wedding song //

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Our relationship has been tested in some pretty extreme ways the last few years living through some tough times, My Mom battled cancer and sadly passed away 1.5 years ago just before we got engaged and Taylor got sick around the same time and neither of us knew how that would end. But each hurdle we have taken together as a team and we have only come out stronger and better for it. This song represents that teamwork and unwillingness to give up no matter what we are faced with in life.

How did you meet?

We actually met for the first time at his brothers birthday party through a mutual friend (He was my first Beer Pong Partner) but it wasn’t until the following summer where we played softball on the same team did we become friends and something more after he visited me in the hospital after I crashed my motorcycle that summer… He likes to say its easy to get to know a girl when she can’t run away…

Engagement story:

Taylor is the oldest brother of 6 kids so family is a big deal we spend a lot of time together as a unit. So I was completely unsuspecting a sunny September afternoon (Sept 27, 2015) when he proposed a sibling outing to the zoo in Calgary on what was probably one of the last nice days of the year.  So we rounded everyone up and headed out we spent the day wandering around and ended up at the penguin exhibit to end the day (Penguins are his Favourite animal) so as I watched them diving in and out of the tank little did I know behind me everyone was getting ready… He brought the paparazzi !!
Taylor stood beside me talking jokes with his sister “you waddle like a penguin!” she said  “Only after leg day “ he laughed … Next he was beside me saying you know what else I have in common with penguins ?  As I turned he got down on one knee and said we give stones to the ones we love (if you have seen the penguin and the pebble a cartoon kids movie you get it lol) and the rest is history … though I might mention yes was not the first word out of my mouth and I quote “Are you kidding ?? Of course !”  Like he even needed to ask.

Kind words:

“When it came to picking a photographer for our wedding we wanted one thing … to have fun.  It was important to find a person who complimented Taylor and Myself with our quirky sarcastic personalities . Someone that Taylor wouldn’t want to strangle halfway through the 12 hr day (a real possibility when someone is in your personal space on one of the most stressful days ever). So ideally who wouldn’t you want to strangle a friend and thats exactly what you get with Sarah. We knew the instant we met her that she was exactly what the doctor ordered. She is funny, bubbly and has a way of putting you at ease to be yourself in front of the camera and she makes you look amazing !!! It looks straight out of a magazine is the compliment we get the most when we show people the photos she has done. Her images are art in a edgy editorial way.  If you check out her portfolio you will note no couple has the same feel in there shoot. With Sarah she gets to know you and makes it about you. She makes every shot capture your personality and emotion in the most raw beautiful way. We know the day wouldn’t have been quite as magical without her and we can’t recommend her enough”.

-Raelene and Taylor Veno

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