Rebecca & Serge – Calgary Engagement Photography

June 28, 2018

Rebecca & Serge – Calgary Engagement Photography.

I was so excited when Rebecca & Serge came up from Medicine Hat to do their Calgary Engagement Photography session with me a few weeks ago.

We wandered around the city in some unknown areas less traveled and found some amazing gems to showcase their connection at. I have always wanted to shoot under the bridges downtown and their vibe is an absolutely perfect compliment for the architecture.

So we crossed the train tracks and found ourselves among a big photo shoot for a play coming out soon in Calgary. As the actors did their thing we shot on the other side of the building and you couldn’t even tell that there were a dozen people around the corner from us because these two were vibing out in the trees in basically what I am going to refer to as FernGully’s forest.

As we walked to the next spot I asked them how they met, and they love metal so naturally they would both be in a metal club at U of A. It wasn’t until later that they started dating and fell for one another. How freaking adorbs is that!?

I wish I could describe what it’s like to watch them together, they are so chill and cute its basically a heart melting kind of thing. I am just a hopeless romantic I suppose.

We decided to hit up downtown for a more grunge vibe and we were lucky enough that we could get on a rooftop for a few photos before the night ended.

I have to give them both props for sitting on the edge of the ledge. I would like to think I would be brave enough but I really don’t think I would be – good thing I am the one holding the camera and my peeps trust me enough to oblige my requests!

Don’t forget it’s the perfect time to pre-book your couples or Calgary engagement photography session! Also I am noticing anniversary photos are a big thing now and I would LOVE to do more of them!  So hit me up if you’re considering doing a shoot to celebrate! You can contact me here to book and find out more information: Book Sarah!


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