Suzanne & Nate – Continued…

May 14, 2009

I was so excited the other day to give Suzanne her DVDs and thought a little update was in need. Here is some of my favorites from this cute couples spectacular day!

The Dress.

calgary-wedding-photography-552 Suzanne’s dress was all hand beaded. Props to the designer who clearly has amazing talent. calgary-wedding-photography-562 The Hair Do. I love this shot because Ruffles (Suzanne’s Cat) is looking out the window in the background. If you knew Suzanne you would totally understand Ruffles the cat. calgary-wedding-photography-592 calgary-wedding-photography-612 Checking out her wedding make-up. calgary-wedding-photography-622 The Formals. calgary-wedding-photography-64 I love capturing in between times. Couples who laugh together stay together. Plus don’t they just look so cute? calgary-wedding-photography-81 Suzanne was full of giggles. calgary-wedding-photography-131 calgary-wedding-photography-162 calgary-wedding-photography-172 calgary-wedding-photography-182 calgary-wedding-photography-212 This photo is one of my favorite captures. Nate decided to kiss Suzanne’s forehead, they had a little moment together where it seemed like nothing else mattered but just that moment. calgary-wedding-photography-282 calgary-wedding-photography-292 calgary-wedding-photography-322 calgary-wedding-photography-332 calgary-wedding-photography-352 The floor kept grabbing onto Suzanne’s dress. calgary-wedding-photography-362 calgary-wedding-photography-422 We found a vintage car – there was no tires, no floor, and I’m assuming no engine. It was the coolest shade of baby blue with a bunch of wheat growing inside where the floor should have been. Also it made for a wonderful prop. calgary-wedding-photography-482 Nate eyes really pop, man id kill for a set of eyelashes like his! lucky guy. calgary-wedding-photography-512 We were lucky to have such wonderful weather, the clouds were out (but not raining on us :) ) they really helped set the mood. calgary-wedding-photography-532 The beautiful bouquet The ladies at Kensington Florist did a wonderful job on Suzanne & Nates flowers. calgary-wedding-photography-632 calgary-wedding-photography-662 Suzanne warming up in the car. calgary-wedding-photography-692 Suzanne and Nate had a few laughs about how to pin his rose on. (Don’t worry I jumped in and helped him out). calgary-wedding-photography-712 car-blog2 Congratulations Suzanne & Nate! Hope your life together is as fun as spending the day with you was. (To see more wedding photos check out the Portfolio tab – located at the top of the page).

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