Wedding Fair – Sunday January 14th, 2018. Come say hi!

January 11, 2018

Things over here at Sarah Pukin Photography are ramping up for this coming weekend as we will be in the Wedding Fair at the BMO Centre.


When: Sunday, January 14, 2018
Where: BMO Centre (Halls A, B & C) – Stampede Park
What: Exhibition Hall (awesome people who make your wedding day extra special) open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Bonus: Fashion Shows at Noon & 3:00 pm <- perfect time to come chat one on one with me. Everyone will be watching the show and the exhibitors will be less busy, so if you want to book anyone at the show I suggest doing it during this time!

Why should you attend?

Well sista girlfriend, Wedding season books up far in advance for most people who work in the Wedding Industry. Myself, I am booking 2018 and 2019 at the show. I have a few spots still for 2018, but they are limited.

It gives you a chance to collect information from a bunch of different people that will make your wedding day hella awesome.

Also it gives you an idea of who you like and who you don’t like. As a wedding photographer I love meeting all the new couples who are planing a day-o-love. It gives me a chance to check if I’m still available for them as well as hear their story and vision for their day, and to see if we are a good fit for one another before they book me to shoot their wedding.

Should I book people for my wedding at the show?

YES! The end of the show I start emailing everyone (who might have the same wedding date as you) to see when they want to come in to chat about their day and book. If you book at the show your day is no longer open so no one who also had the same date might snag it from you!

Benefits of visiting me at the show!

You can get on my exclusive email newsletter list by filling out the form on my ipad. What does this list get you? It gets you all the deals. ALLL the deals. Twice a year I have promotions that I do for both Weddings and Boudoir and the only way you can get them is if you have signed up on my ipad at the show. Also I have some very exciting news coming in a month that everyone will get a sneak peak at by being on my newsletter list. NO it’s not spam and YES you can unsubscribe at any time!

So you want to book me at the show? How?

I suggest bringing enough for your retainer. I require a signed contract and 50% of the package you would like to go with to book your wedding day! If you want the contract to fill out before the show just email me and I will send you a copy you can bring with you if you decide to book. I accept cash, cheque and e-mail money transfer. I suggest if you’re planning on booking at the show to bring a cheque or to do an e-mail money transfer, as who wants to walk around with that much moola in their purse. Not me!

What else?

Bring a few photos of your dress (if you have found the one), your venue, your inspiration! I love to see what kind of wedding vibe my couples are going with as it helps me understand if it fits my style of shooting as well as understand your vision for how you want your day to be. Also if your fiance isn’t able to attend, bring some cute photos of the two of you! Selfie time!

Bring 2 Bags! Yes you heard me correct. One to grab everyone’s information and one to put the people you want to contact right away after the show. It’s better than you going home with 100 brochures and having a brain melt trying to remember who you liked the most. Trust me I know from personal experience.


Final thoughts…

How can I help you? If you need anything – advice, amazing wedding or boudoir photos, a hug. Just let me know! And lastly, have the best time because it’s actually so fun to look at what everyone does. We are so lucky to live in such a creative city with such talented people who, like myself, have such a passion for making your day amazing and just want to help.


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