3 tips to help you choose your Calgary Alberta Boudoir Photographer

I can’t tell you how much I adore this woman – she was powerful, kind and brought stunning outfits and just the right vibe to rock them!

I tell everyone looking for a Calgary Alberta Boudoir Photographer to do your research as it takes a special kind of human to photograph women in their most vulnerable state without making them feel shy or for a better lack of a word: weird.

My sessions are 100% cringe free and super fun!

I walk you through the poses that work best for the outfits you choose to wear – yes there is a lot of laughter and fun but there is also stunning moments in-between where your inner babe shines through!

Much like this human I encourage you to feel empowered throughout your session and I think you can really tell in her images she was rocking her Boudoir photo shoot!

I have three tips for you when you’re looking through online portfolios of a Calgary Alberta Boudoir Photographer and trying to find the best fit for your session!

1 – Do they shoot all shapes and sizes of women?

Why is this important? Well I have had feedback from some clients who came to me on their second attempt at having boudoir photographs taken – they hired someone previously that only had a few examples and in the end they were unhappy.

Finding angles that are suited to different people comes with years of practice. Lots of education and sometimes an eye for details that not everyone has. In the last decade I have only photographed one “model” specifically because I needed marketing material – all of my clients are real women and not professionals in posing.

They come in generally, never having been in-front of a camera before let alone this style of intimate lifestyle photography.

You can tell in my images that my ladies feel at ease and natural although the poses are not the most natural, they come across as so.  I attribute this to my experience as a photographer and my passion for empowering people and finding the right angles and poses for each individual.

2 – Do they have a dedicated space for your photo shoot and is it private? Do they have a studio?

In the beginning pre 2004 I used to be okay with going into people’s homes but found it was really awkward for them and for me. Their home didn’t necessarily reflect what would be a good “set”, something that has the right kind of spice to it without being distracting or taking away the attention from them.

Also, maybe their bedding was busy or they had distractions like pets or neighbours.

Just overall it wasn’t the best – also for me I have lots of things I use when photographing people in my studio – to drag everything along isn’t as simple as it is for other kinds of photoshoots.

Here at my studio I also have ALL the cleaning supplies and disinfectants that are needed!

 3 – Do they offer a full experience or just shoot and burn?

You have to ask yourself with this style of image do you trust where your images are being printed? Do you want them to look professional and be proud of them?

Well let me tell you gone are the days of images sitting on a computer or your phone to get lost over the years. Professional Photographers use professional labs that require you to be an actual professional aka have a business number, website and proof that you are indeed a professional.

Our computers are calibrated in a way that what you see on our screens is how your images will be printed through our lab of choice. 

If they are a shoot and burn kind of Photographer they might not be professional – this will leave you to try and find a place to print your images and trust me the horror stories I have heard of people printing their photos at quick labs would shock you.

Consumer labs also don’t have the same style of printing as professional labs do – the way the ink plots on the papers, the papers themselves as well as the care and quality of the end result is drastically different.

That is why with all of my collections I pride myself on the quality of products I provide to my clients – the end result is something to brag about because its luxury, professional and quality. 

The nerd part of me also wants to point out that with this style of photography a lot of skin is shown and it’s important that you don’t look like a green zombie or purple that you will see in most budget labs products. 

I walk everyone through the products I offer to display their images and help them figure out how they want to enjoy their images – some want photos on their walls, 99% of my clients go for albums they can flip through, whereas some go for a combo of the two. 

Hope these three tips help you find out what kind of Calgary Alberta Boudoir Photographer are your looking for and help you decide on what kind of experience you are looking for with your photo shoot! 

If you want to chat with me about your Boudoir photo shoot feel free to email me at info@wordpress-779029-2652717.cloudwaysapps.com or fill out my contact form here! 

Remember no question is a stupid question and my studio is a fully judgement free zone! I photograph everyone with the same enthusiasm and excitement for them as I know how important being able to empower people is and it’s a gift to be in a position to be able to through my art! 



Her cute outfits are from SHEIN!