Abandoned Buildings in the Crowsnest Pass – Urban Exploration.

While adventuring around the Crowsnest Pass recently, I stumbled across a mysterious abandoned plant. I googled quite a bit to try and find out what this place used to be but had no luck. If you have been here before let me know what this place is in the comments!

If you happen to find this gem on a hunt during some urban exploration, just be careful not to hurt yourself. Some areas are falling apart and I would highly suggest not to lean on anything as you wouldn’t want to add to the destruction of this place. I was super careful not to step on anything as some sections were extremely dilapidated and dangerous. I often adventure into places like this and have been lucky to have not obtained any injuries… knock on wood.

Imagining what life must have been like for people who worked here is super fun. My favourite section of this wicked find was the shower area. The old tiles were perfectly arched around the doorways and the light was leaking into the rooms from the main door. There was an air of majestic creepiness.

I really hope to shoot here in the future (in the safe sections and outside). If anyone is interested let me know!