Ashya & Distance – Industrial Love

September 24, 2014

Just a few teaser shots from last week.


Max & I  left the city last week & went to the badlands to shoot these two amazing people.


Max was so amazing & video’d me doing my thang! He climbed up in the most random places for the perfect birds eye view of the interactions between myself , Ashya & Distance. He even went on a bone hunt with Distance to find a petrified jaw bone.


I can’t wait to see how beautiful the video has turned out! If it’s anything like my boudoir one it’s going to be AMAZING.


I’m most excited for people to be able to see what it’s like to be shot by me on one of the most important days in their lives. The day where you are the most cuddly, kissey & loving with your partner.


I feel like Ashya & Distance are defiantly this affectionate with each other all the time. It’s just so natural to shoot people who love one another.


I will share way more shots when my video is ready to be shared – because shooting people in love always equals the most amazing & inspiring images for me.


These two make me smile & looking at the photos makes me super warm & fuzzy inside, the only thing that would make this moment better right now would be hot chocolate.



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