Autumn Wedding at The Lake House in Calgary – Sarah Pukin

March 8, 2023

Autumn Wedding at The Lake House in Calgary

Romantic candlelit Wedding at The Lake House in Calgary

Autumn Weddings at The Lake House in Calgary are some of my absolute favourites. Something about the leaves changing colour and being in a rustic and elegant venue watching two super in love humans speaking beautiful words to one another gives me the feels.

Jayla and Kevin planned a destination Wedding in Calgary so we didn’t get to meet before their day but I really felt from all the emails passing between Jayla and I, it felt like I was walking in to see an old friend.

Kevin has the sweetest Daughters and in the morning while they were watching him get ready he gave them a gift basket and a card. Small touches like that really make a Wedding Day meaningful – also I sucked back some tears when the girls eyes welled up reading the cards.

After getting ready we headed over to the Ceremony at The Lake House here in Calgary to find a romantic tone set for the day. Renee from Julianne Young Weddings and her team had created an intimate setting for them to say “I do” in front of the fireplace.

Their Ceremony was officiated by Jayla’s Dad – he spoke heartfelt words and I could see he is a really amazing Grandpa to their son (Grayden needed his Mom just before they were going to have their first kiss – he might have stolen the show a little).

Off for formals

Jayla and I chatted about places for her and Kevin to adventure off to for couples photos post ceremony. The obvious most popular areas offered up on google aren’t always my favourite so I pitched a little area I knew would be more private and they gave me full trust in my vision – it really paid off!

Just because you’re having a city Wedding doesn’t mean you need to be downtown and have big buildings in your photos – you can do whatever you want and we wanted nature, trees and water.

The riverbank was the perfect spot!

Off to their Wedding Reception at the Lake House.

Let me tell you from their grand entrance to Kevin kissing a fish this Wedding reception was beyond memorable. I thought I had seen it all but this was my very first time hearing and seeing first hand about “Getting Screeched” to become an honorary newfie!

Thank you Jayla and Kevin for such an amazing day to capture!! I know you’re going to have the best life together because you are surrounded by so many people who value and love you and your connection is one of a kind!!

If you’re on the hunt for a Romantic and Rustic Wedding Venue in Calgary I highly suggest looking at all these beautiful images from Jayla and Kevin’s Wedding at The Lake House here in Calgary!

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From the Bride and Groom

Kind words

We are absolutely in love with our photos! Love the moody feel, the candid shots, and the sheer AMOUNT of photos. You have a real eye for what makes a great photo ❤️

Wedding theme and colours

Minimalistic, with very neutral colors with contrasting black accents. It mirrors the look of our home-we are not big fans of color! The Grooms side wore navy, and the Bridesmaids wore nude

Approximate number of guests:

What theme or feel were you going for:

Elegant but not stuffy, minimalistic, calming, nothing over the top. Romantic but not cheesy

Your top 3 best moments and why:

1- When our boy Grayden ran up to us wanting to be up in our arms right before our first kiss. Being a rambunctious 2 year old we had been worried how he would act during the ceremony, but that was such a special moment for him to be a part of. He got so excited and bounced up and down and laughed as everyone clapped. It was incredible!

2- Kevin becoming an honorary newfie by getting screeched in by my best friend Dana and kissing the fish!

3 – Our Bride and Groom entrance to the reception. We were so amped up and happy and walking into Metallica cranked up it was EPIC!!!

Wedding song, explain choice for song:

At Last – Etta James cover by Bootstraps. Both of us feel as though it took a long time to find our True Love and everything changed when we finally did.

If you could own any animal as a pet what would it be and why?

Jayla – A Palomino horse, it has been my dream since I was a little girl

Kevin – Australian Shepherd just because they are so BEAUTIFUL!

Anything you would like to add

2 pieces of advice for couples – dance with your Parents if you have that option. It may feel silly in the moment or like everyone’s staring at you but you will be happy to have those memories and photos . Also, prepare a thank you speech! Don’t wing it – you WILL forget people lol.

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