Body Positive Boudoir for all!

It’s so important these days with social media and an abundance of trendy influencers out there to think about being body positive. I say Body Positive Boudoir for all!

What does that mean to me? Well, I feel like everyone is beautiful in her own way – the normalcy of what we are trained to think is beautiful and the way we should all look isn’t right. When I photograph women we chat, I get to know them, and I photograph them in one of their most intimate states.

Usually most people open up more than they normally would if they weren’t doing such intimate photos. I think the comfort people feel during the session allows them to talk about insecurities and it’s a 100% safe space.

We all battle with what is beautiful – I have never met someone who was 100% confident about themselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I think it is important to remind yourself that you are a beautiful person in your own way. I think retraining your brain to look at things that socially would be not perfect and find the beauty in them and say “hey I look amazing” is empowering.

This brings me to why I think we should all do boudoir. Through the years I have struggled with being body positive, just as most of us have – Always putting myself down for things that no one else felt were issues. I often shoot my own boudoir photos so I can remind myself how others see me. When looking in the mirror I think we all harbour those feelings from the playground where kids joked about points that might have stayed with us through the years.

I personally work out quite a bit to feel my best and I treat myself to things that make me feel good like coffee, cute shoes and comfy pants. We all have those things that make us feel good. One of the biggest things that makes me feel good about myself is the photo I have on my dresser. Everyday I look at it and am reminded that I worked really hard for this body and that I have it – not the body I had before when I didn’t take care of myself the way I do now.

I give myself goals and rewards – I recently photographed a woman who did just the same thing. She had a big weight-loss goal and her reward was to do a boudoir session with me here in my Calgary studio. She worked a full year and surpassed her goal weight, then treated herself to new bras, undies and cute shirts for her session – but also because she needed them and because she deserved to treat herself!

When she saw her images, I promptly received an e mail telling me about her experience and how much she was dying over her images.

This is what it’s all about. I truly feel blessed that my passion can make someone feel like that and that I have something I can share with others.

Think to yourself what are three things you want to do this year for yourself? If boudoir is on that list, contact me at or through my contact form. Let’s set up a date and time for your session and you will have something to look forward to! Why not right?

Contact me now to book your session!