1. What was your favourite part of your boudoir experience? This is so hard to answer as I honestly enjoyed it all!!! But if I HAD to pick one thing, it was how the entire experience felt so natural, as if we’d been friends for a lifetime. I came in with major anxiety, to the point where my chest felt like it was pounding out of my body, but you put me at such ease! The posing direction, laughs and sharing our life experiences made the session so enjoyable!   

2. Why did you decide to do a boudoir session? I’ve always struggled with self-esteem, so the boudoir session was a crazy, wild, out-of-my comfort zone way to celebrate my body & praise it for all it’s done, including creating two beautiful daughters. The session allowed me to be selfish, and do something solely for myself and no one else. 

3. Have you ever done a boudoir session before? No, I’ve never done a boudoir session before. And if you would’ve asked me a year ago if I’d ever consider doing it, I’d give a resounding NO. But there’s no guarantee for tomorrow, so I’m trying to live in the present and say YES to more things. 

4. What was your favourite outfit choice and why?! I loved the red Lounge Underwear set. The red really popped and made me feel so bad ass! 

5. Why did you choose me to shoot your boudoir session? Your portfolio speaks for itself! The client testimonials also played a huge part in convincing me – every single woman was beaming at how beautiful you made them look and feel. I also LOVED who you’re teamed up with for hair and makeup; Emilia absolutely crushed my look!  

6. If you could give anyone advice on why they should do a boudoir session (with me) what would it be? Sarah is the one of the most friendly, welcoming, funny and kind people I’ve ever met and I can say that with absolute certainty even though we only spent a few hours together. She made me feel so comfortable! I didn’t even notice I was topless after the first couple of minutes of the shoot haha. She’s also an expert poser and helps bring out the goddess in each of us! 

7. Review – if you have anything you would like to say I would love the feedback and to share your testimonial. I had the most amazing, unforgettable experience! I’ve never felt more beautiful in my entire life and that will be something I’m forever indebted to Sarah for. Sarah’s photo sessions are more than worth the investment! I felt like an absolute bad ass, beautiful woman with her direction and photography skills! If you have any anxiety or fear, go shoot with Sarah – she’ll make you feel like a lifelong friend from the moment you meet her.