I love shooting Engagement photos in Calgary. Often I hit the highway and shoot out in the mountains but Calgary has a number of amazing places for engagement photos.

Britney and Danny being the wicked humans they are were totally down with a walk around an old neighborhood and stopping at my random location finds along the way. They perused in the grocery store, checked out records, played a little ping pong and hung out by an old reclaimed fire-hall. It was a pretty nifty evening combined with wicked summer weather. I certainly enjoyed myself and checked a few things off my bucket list location and vibe wise!

My favorite part was when we met in the parking lot at Luke’s Drug Mart out in Bridgeland and with excitement they left their car door open – a random amazing Calgarian came into the store to ask us if they had meant to leave the door open – after disbelief they went and in fact their car door with Britney’s purse sitting on the front seat was open! Nothing taken because this amazing dude was watching it for them! How wicked and lucky is that!

Now I highly do not suggest leaving your valuables viewable when off shooting engagement photos let alone leaving your door open but if you do have to then cross your fingers you’re lucky enough to have some random wicked dude watch it for you!

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I asked this bomb couple a few questions – please enjoy their responses below!!

How they met!

We met in Portland, OR. We frequented the same bar across from the building we both lived in. I was there for Grad School and he was there for work. The first night we met, I was there with a girlfriend watching the Calgary Flames on my phone and he was in the bar watching the Chicago Blackhawks (Danny is from Chicago). He thought, “there is no way that she is watching hockey on her phone” but he had to go check it out.

Unfortunately, I was dating someone else at the time and that prohibited us from being more than friends. I wrapped things up with the other guy and Danny and I got together shortly after. I didn’t realize how much I had talked about him when he was my “hockey friend” until my Mom visited and asked to meet him (even though I was dating the other guy at the time). It was meant to be for Danny and I and I haven’t looked back!     

The Engagement

We got engaged on Canada Day 2018. While we were out camping for the long weekend with a group of close friends. We went on a hike in Crowsnest Past to Window Mountain Lake.

At the summit by the lake, Danny asked our friends to take a picture of us. I said “Why? We never take pictures” but still didn’t think anything was happening. Even when I looked up and all the friends had their cameras facing us, it didn’t click. It wasn’t until I looked at him and he was down on one knee that I finally figured out what was happening.

I didn’t know what to do but grab his face and kiss him repeatedly! I said yes, the ring slipped on my finger and our friends popped champagne for us to celebrate! Surrounded by dogs (we had 5 with us), our great friends and the love of my life, it was the best day ever!

What is your favourite thing about one another? 

Danny says: your smile.

Britney says: The way he makes me feel.

What was your favourite thing about your engagement shoot?

Stella!!!! I admired what you were willing to do for the perfect shot!

Why did you feel the location was wicked for your shoot?

The locations were not what I would typically picture for an engagement shoot, which I loved. It was amazing to see your vision come together! 

What are you most excited and looking forward to for your wedding day?

Celebrating our love and spending a beautiful day with beautiful people. 

If you could own a dinosaur as a pet what one would you choose?

Britney would choose a brontosaurus so she could sit up really high and slide down it’s neck and tail.

Danny would choose a triceratops because they are herbivores and armored. 

Coffee, tea or booze?

All of the above?! 

Funniest thing you learnt about each other on your first date?

Danny: Can’t remember if it’s the first date or just early on, but he learned how I like really little things (e.g., little cutlery). As for me, I am not sure what the funniest thing was! Maybe that we both are picky eaters and like to eat plain burgers, yet we are both super adventurous with beer!

Also …Kind words!

Being in the spotlight is neither Danny or I’s favourite thing. We rarely take pictures together and instead take pictures of the beautiful scenery we have surrounded ourselves with. Needless to say, the engagement shoot was out of our comfort zone. Despite the discomfort, Sarah made us feel at ease. Her sense of humour and excitement around creating the perfect shot made us relax and enjoy the moment. Although, we learned we need to work on our inside jokes! We definitely feel we picked the perfect photographer for us and we cannot wait for her to shoot our big day 🙂