Calgary Portrait Photographer

June 5, 2014

The one thing I love most about shooting portraits is the ability to show different sides of people.

I love the more natural shots where something random happens, say a conversation or a swarm of mosquitoes that makes a person laugh his or her ass off or pull a hilarious expression.

I also love the serious portraits. If your ever wondering what someones thinking I defiantly say look at the eyes.

My favourite thing about shooting Farouq was when he laughed. He’s a stunner of a man and defiantly has fantastic style, so clearly photographing him in Calgary was easy.

But seriously I made him sit on some ransom stuff we found during the portrait session and suddenly a large swarm of bugs started to attack him. Most people would have freaked out but we had a fantastic laugh about it!

I love shooting people that run with the punches!

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