Calgary Boudoir – Fierce, Confident and Sexy

Ok, let’s just stop for a moment and talk about how us ladies really need to think about ourselves more.

Are you like me and find yourself not making time to embrace your inner sexy goddess? Are you always saying meh, maybe next year I will do something for myself or I will look into that tomorrow. Well Ladies, the new year is approaching and you’re about to buy all your friends and family gifts and goodies but when during this time are you going to give yourself a gift?

Why not right now? What is stopping you? What could possibly happen if you take a day for yourself and buy some cute outfits and pamper your inner sexy being?

Trust me when I say I have been shooting ladies for the last 16 years and I always hear after their shoot that it was the best thing they ever did for themselves and how they wish they had done it sooner! How it gave them a confidence boost, reminded them that they deserve to feel beautiful and maybe a little shocked how empowered they are!

Well I’m here to give you power and tell you today’s the day! Contact me to find out about availability for your Boudoir Shoot!

And… I have some fun news in a few months that I will be sharing with everyone. Big changes are happening with the studio so don’t wait if you love my current sets, as some will be kept but I might be swapping some out for a fresh new look! After all ladies,  I have been shooting these sets for just over 7 years with the addition of my new fancy Rattan Chair in the last year I’m ready for a little change.

Let’s be inspired today and do something for ourselves!

Shout out to this amazing woman I had the pleasure of shooting at my Calgary Studio just before her very first fitness competition! She rocked this shoot so hard and I just loved the powerful conversation we had! Gurl you made my day! Thanks so much for coming in and thanks for letting me share your wonderful images!