What do you get when you embrace your femininity, raw bad-ass bitch power and a cute outfit? A Boudoir session with me in my private Calgary Boudoir Studio.
I am a Calgary based Boudoir photographer that specializes in making you feel empowered and absolutely beautiful! I shoot one-on-one sessions with you in my private Calgary Boudoir Studio. No need to feel nervous about your Boudoir photo shoot! I guide you through everything from choosing your outfits to what works best for hair and make-up and how to pose to emphasize your favourite bits of your bod.

I have an amazing team of preferred hair and make up artists I have been working with for 9+ years - I use the same bomb-ass babes for one reason only! They are just as amazing as their work is!
My studio has been meticulously curated to have the most unique and killer photo sets you will find in a Boudoir Studio in Calgary.

My love of DIY has really benefitted my photo sets as they have unique elements that are specific just to my studio! Check out examples of past boss babes below and hope you enjoy my new sets!
*Please note I shoot both natural and studio light. Natural light sessions, of course, are only available during the day.


Feel comfortable in Sarah’s private Calgary Boudoir home studio.


Calgary Boudoir Photographer