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August 5, 2021

Calgary Boudoir Photographers Review and Client Experience 5

Calgary Boudoir Photographers Review and Client Experience.

Hey Girl hey!

Thanks so much for being here! Because if you’re here reading this it means you wanting to empower yourself and your ready to break out of your shell and your looking for a Calgary Boudoir Photographers Review to seal the deal!

Maybe you’re diving deep into finding photos that you connect with – photos that you want for yourself. Looking for someone professional with an eye for how to photograph all types of bodies. Well, I think you’re exactly where you should be and I’m glad your are here looking through my work.

I personally feel the best way to get perspective about a Calgary Boudoir session is to read words from the amazing human in the images and understand their experience and review.

Everyone who chooses to do a Boudoir photoshoot has a different reason – some go through tough and challenging experiences, some feel they want to remember how beautiful they are, some want to bring the power back through this personal art form and some do it because they just want to!

There is no “real” reason to do it other than whatever reason you have – all reasons are good and not having a reason is even better!

In some cases you don’t know what your missing until you go through an experience. (Ps Boudoir is the most fun experience!! Trust me I know!).

This amazing human signed a full release allowing me to share her images with you and I asked her 6 questions about her experience with me and at my Calgary Boudoir Studio that I would love to share with you.



Here is her Calgary Boudoir Photographers Review and Client Experience at my studio!


1.What was your favourite part of your boudoir session?

I would say everything, but if I would have to choose it would be how easy Sarah made everything from the posing to picking an album.

2. Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?

This is going to be deep, but 3 years ago I was sexually assaulted. It took every bit of my self esteem, confidence, and bodily autonomy. I wanted to take back my power and feel empowered, to show the body that I have come to love through the art of boudoir.

3. Have you ever done a boudoir session before?

I have not ever done a boudoir session

4. What was your favourite outfit choice and why?

Would have to be my red set from Lounge! It just made me feel like a bad ass. Plus, it was a stunning set!

5. Why did you choose me (Sarah) to shoot your boudoir session?

I fell in love with your sets, and the way you made each women look amazing in each photo. Plus, your presence on social media made me feel comfortable with my choice!

6. If you could tell anyone thinking of doing a session why they should do one what would it be?

Do it for YOU, it is a great experience and you leave feeling so empowered and sexy

7. Anything you would like to add?

Sarah was so easy to talk to and I felt immediately ok with being nude in front of a stranger. Her studio is amazing and you can tell she puts her heart and soul into the sets and each detail within them




Hope your loved her session as much as I did and appreciated her super kind insightful works in her Calgary Boudoir Photographers Review of moi!


If your ready to book or find out more information about your own boudoir experience feel free to contact me here! Or email me directly at info@sarahpukin.com – remember there is no obligation in reaching out to find out more!! Just an obligation to yourself to allow yourself to do something you might have always wanted to do!

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