Calgary Boudoir Photos

April 17, 2018

Calgary Boudoir Photos

Calgary Boudoir Photos.

When you think about Calgary Boudoir photos, what do you think of? “I could never do that… Those women are so confident… I’m not like that…” or maybe even “One day I might give it a shot….” ?

Well, I’m here sipping coffee and thinking about all the reasons I did my own boudoir session, why it took me so long to actually do one, and what I felt after I did it. I can tell you the confidence I felt afterward was amazing. I had been in a long relationship where I had lost a little of myself and forgot that I was desirable and feminine. I remember asking myself, how can I honour myself and remember my progress? I went on a journey to be a better me and as a reward for my efforts I booked a boudoir session. It kept me accountable to my journey and also gave me something to look forward to at the end.

I remember thinking about how nothing looked good on me every time I would go shopping for lingerie, and reminding myself that when ladies come into my studio, no one ever fits their outfits perfectly – that’s why I use angles and poses to make these beautiful feminine looks appear flattering, and I personally emphasize the persons best features (the ones they love about themselves) and de-emphasize the ones they don’t… so hopefully my photographer could also do the same for me.

I totally understood how people must feel before walking into their Calgary boudoir photos with me. It’s a little nerve-racking to take the plunge and do these boudoir photos, but I knew mine would be something I would really appreciate so I made sure to let myself relax so I didn’t have any kind of awkward facial expressions (as I get when I’m nervous). Believe it or not, I actually look at my boudoir photos all the time. At least once a week. Every time I feel under the weather or my day made me feel less than my best self, I remind myself how beautiful I am and that’s what boudoir photos are really great for. They are a simple reminder of what you actually look like without those moments of self doubt we all get.

I might be a little biased because I’ve done several boudoir sessions now – being a boudoir photographer for over 16 years has allowed me to appreciate the way everyone shoots boudoir. I personally shoot to make my ladies feel confident, sexy and empowered. I don’t show all the images I take from sessions as some are slightly more racy than the ones I post on my blog and website, but what appears is always at the discretion of the client. Some women just want to feel beautiful and some want to feel more sexy or sensual.

When you contact me about your session make sure to tell me a little bit about what you want to do for your Calgary Boudoir Photos so we can customize your session!

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