Calgary Boudoir Studio – cut that shirt!

March 10, 2019

Calgary Boudoir Studio – cut that shirt!

Award winning Calgary Boudoir Photographer Sarah Pukin’s outfit suggestions.

So, you booked your boudoir session with me. Now what? Well, next step is I will be sliding a prep guide into your inbox as soon as your Boudoir session is booked!

This bad boy prep guide is going to include everything you need to know before your session at my Calgary Boudoir Studio!

From what outfits to bring, to where to shop, and how to prep your hair and skin for your session, plus a bunch of other fun tips to help you get ready for a day of being the bomb-ass babe you are!

Now, I want to take a moment to chat about what to bring outfit-wise because trends have changed massively over the last 9 years of shooting at my current studio (bye bye baby dolls!). Plus, with my new studio sets, you will notice new modern lingerie styles are better suited to the vibe and feel of the images.

Peak-a-boo bras and bum-less panties are definitely some of my favourite new looks people have been bringing – but also t-shirts! Yes, you heard me right. From over sized baggy t-shirts to super thin/sheer shirts that allow you to see through them, it’s all perfect! This bad-ass babe was on the hunt for a good crop top but couldn’t find one – so she brought this adorable boob shirt with her and we just chopped it right below the nipples! Yes, sometimes you need to be a little bold to rock this bad-ass look. But why not, right?

Another favourite look of mine is bodysuits! I love the ones with low backs or that cut high around your hips. You really can’t go wrong with a lingerie bodysuit, but also, the cute ones you might wear out to a patio work too! Remember though, stay away from neons! That’s my number one rule when shopping for anything that’s going to be photographed. Neons are Sarah’s worst nightmare (insert smiley face here). LOL!

Less is more!

Also the rule of “less is more” is always a good rule for so many reasons. When you’re trying to find accessories for your outfits, unless you’re going full-out Agent Provocateur or Dita Von Teese, you’re going to want to think small, stud-style earrings, thin chains, dainty bracelets, mid finger rings or stackable rings. Delicate is best!

Also – Socks! Yes, you heard me right. I am loving socks these days. My favourite kinds are: mid-calf length, knee length, thigh high, and sheer mesh crew socks. I also LOVE fishnet tights! La Senza has some really wicked ones. This bad-ass babe got hers there, and they happened to have  a little hole in them, so we rocked it and ripped them even more to expose her tattoo, and I think it was the best decision we made of the day!

For more tips on what to bring for your session, make sure you check back on my blog as I will be sharing more about what wicked things you can wear at my Calgary Boudoir Studio for your Boudoir session!

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