Calgary Intimate Lifestyle Photos – Sarah Pukin

November 8, 2019

I am really excited to share these Intimate lifestyle photos taken at my Calgary Boudoir studio with you.

I just knew this session was going to be so much fun! We chatted a little over Insta before she booked in with me – She brought two super cute outfits with her and chose the natural light sets for her session. (You get a choice what sets we shoot on).

I love the look she chose for her hair and make up – Emilia absolutely killed it.

Following her session she did in person proofing where we went through all her images and she could make her selections. I love doing in-person ordering sessions because we sit down and look at them all on my computer – since my screen is really large and my computer is calibrated to what your photos actually will look like I find it’s way easier! Plus it’s a bonus for me to see the reaction of the person in the photos! It made me feel so amazing to see her reaction to her images. I am blown away by how beautiful she is and how amazing they are but to see her shock was something no thank you card can express to me!

Thanks so much A for coming in for your session with me and I hope your photos always remind you of how hawt you are and you’re such a gem of a human I feel honoured to have gotten to create intimate lifestyle photos for you!

I asked A a few questions! Check out her answers below!

What was your favorite part of your boudoir session // The entire photo shoot was awesome but it was getting to see my photos after and going through with it with you (Sarah) :)

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session // Just wanted to feel how sexy I can be without any other’s opinions!

Have you ever done a boudoir session before // No, this was my first time

What was your favorite outfit // I love my bedroom session outfit!

Why did you choose me (Sarah) to shoot your boudoir session // Before doing a boudoir shoot, I did my research and found that your photography skills are what I was looking for in a boudoir shoot. Everyone else’s didn’t meet my taste but yours was simple, elegant and sexy. Which is what I like!

If you could be a dinosaur what one would you be and why? // A Pachycephalosaurus. Because I tend to butt heads with people haha!

Kind Words //

“I can’t thank Sarah enough for the wonderful photos she shot of me. Before she even starts shooting, you can see that she already has a vision for each picture she takes. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know any poses, but she helped me all the way throughout the shoot and totally made it comfortable.
In the end, I got to see a glimpse of my pictures taken and I was taken aback! It was then that I got to see her vision come to life in each picture. I couldn’t believe the quality and skill put into my pictures! It turned out exceptional! It was so great to have chosen Sarah to do my boudoir shoot! I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else! Thanks so much Sarah!!!” – A
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