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February 9, 2021


A Calgary Intimate Portraits – Photography for this empowered babes 30th Birthday!

As you know, I love talking about how, through my photography I empower women. I am inspired by others and LOVE when my babes embrace their insecurities and just allow themselves to be themselves.

I can not tell you how many hours I have spent rolling my eyes at the image some social media is giving out to so many people.

Instagram is fake! Be real!

I keep seeing posts on instagram with “before” and “afters” of people being themselves and than a highly edited version of themselves – making their noses smaller, shrinking their bodies to be 40 lbs smaller or even making their eyes bigger. Aka heavy photoshopped vs not at all.

Yet these same people still post themselves heavily photoshopped 99.9999% of the time. Ye,s it is good to show people you photoshop your images and edit every mark that makes you an individual right out of the image and turns you into some kind of cookie cutter human.

But because people say “oh hey this is actually what I look like” is some kind of perhaps pat on the back.

Be authentic and be empowered!

Furthermore, let me tell you Ladies and Gents and my L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ community of amazing humans, you don’t need to be some kind of blurred human you can be you and be absolutely beautiful.

In fact in my work I only edit out: cuts, bruises everything else is what I classify as a special request. No I’m not going to remove your scars (unless you ask) and no I don’t think they take away from how beautiful you are in your Calgary Intimate Portraits.

Scars make you even more beautiful. I promise!

I actually have a bunch of scars and I have never not liked them. Even my melted skin area on my arm where when I was in Junior High I decided to skateboard down the back ramp at Anderson train station (if you’re not familiar with this train station well its got a super steep ramp that ends in a makeshift path with a lot of gravel – the wheels of my friends skateboard caught the gravel and I slid across it – melting my skin to the ground. Good times). And that’s on being in Junior High trying to impress boys.

When I take images of myself I don’t edit them – why? because I am not about to tell myself that the edited version of myself is better than the real authentic version of myself. I personally enjoy the hole on my forehead where when I was little I scratched a chicken pox until it left a fun little scar that make up likes to get trapped in. These little differences are what makes us who we are.

So now that you all know about my random scars and my reinforced view on beauty standards in social media I bring you to this amazing human who decided to give herself a Calgary intimate portraits photo shoot for her thirtieth Birthday gift to herself!

In short I 100% suggest that for any reason whatsoever you gift yourself photos like these! She looks amazing and I can’t express enough how much fun I had creating these images for her to look back on and feel hella empowered by!

Who’s with me?

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What was your favourite part of your intimate portrait session?

“For the first time in forever (cue Frozen song), I felt comfortable in my own skin. I was really nervous at the beginning (I can see it in some of the photos), but you made me feel comfortable and confident to walk around the studio and pose!”

Why did you decide to do a Calgary Intimate Portraits photo shoot?

I wanted to celebrate my 30th Birthday in a special way. The last year has also been a journey for me to learn to love myself and this was a symbolic way to celebrate my success!

Have you ever done a boudoir or Calgary Intimate Portraits before?

Nope – this was my first one. Definitely won’t be my last one now!

What was your favourite outfit choice and why?

Surprisingly, I love the topless look with the black underwear. It was the first outfit I wore during the session and when I felt the most nervous, vulnerable, and exposed, but in a poetic way it was also the first time I felt comfortable.

Why did you choose me to shoot your boudoir session?

I found you on Instagram with the intention of looking for a local boudoir photographer. I looked at two others and decided you were the best one for me!

If you could tell anyone thinking of doing a session why they should do one what would it be?

As cheesy as it sounds, doing the boudoir session honestly helped me see myself better, and love myself the way I am. Too often I’ve been criticizing myself, and seeing me in those photos made me realize I need to love myself more. There’s always something to improve, but doing a session will change the way you see you. I recommend EVERYONE to do a boudoir session!

That’s what she said about her Calgary intimate Portrait session!

I’ve said this to you before and after our session, but I’m honestly so grateful that you were the photographer I picked to do this with. I feel beautiful, I look on fire, and I’m excited to see what happens next!


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What are you waiting for?


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