Adventurous Canadian Rocky Mountain Elopement Photographers in Lake Louise.


Ever see Canadian Rocky Mountain Elopement Photographers climb a mountain with 50 lbs on her back straight up in the snow and ice?

No? Well you can definitely see two amazing humans do it in their Wedding clothes!

After all, I was behind them with my camera sadly in my bag… because, you know. Falling.

Snow Storms rolling in.

On the way out to Lake Louise for this epic Elopement Adventure session the mountains kept playing with my head – one second it looked like it would be clear and the next it looked like we might have a whiteout. Luckily while waiting for Jess and Will to meet me in the parking lot the weather looked to be getting better.

First time meeting.

The first time I met Jess and Will was in the parking lot here in the Canadian Rockies. If you’re familiar with Lake Louise you know the parking lot is big. It has multiple levels and also is the perfect place to be fully camouflaged by all the other cars, tricky when you’re trying to find someone.

All of a sudden I saw them drive by so  quickly geared up in my 5 layers and met them to start our adventure.

Chasing waterfalls with Canadian Rocky Mountain Elopement Photographers.

If you are a follower of my blog you know I talk a lot about waterfalls. They are truly my favourite natural wonder to take photos at.

I’m always on the hunt for new ones to visit and photograph at – especially for adventure photo shoots. Luckily with the cold weather, we got we had not only one but two amazing waterfalls to shoot at.

Little did I know there was going to be an ice cave at the top of the second fall!! You heard me – cave baby!

It wasn’t deep enough to be afraid some furry friend might be taking an early snooze in but big enough for epic moments with these two!

Adulting is my first name!

After we finished shooting at the top of the mountain naturally we had to come down the mountain. After we packed up and before I could turn around Jess and Will had already slid down the mountain on their bums.

Naturally I joined in – I don’t know why I haven’t gone tobogganing this year. Honestly nothing is better than zipping down a mountain on your ass!

Two frozen soles.

At the end of our adventure together we went on the ice for a quick shot with the Fairmont Lake Louise castle in the distance before we jumped into our vehicles and blasted the heat.

Subsequently our timing was super perfect because my super rugged and handsome boyfriend came for the drive with me.

During the photoshoot he went for a mainly man hike up the mountain, about 11k past where we went and he said the storm followed him back to me!

So yay for us!

Jess and Will adventured and had the most romantic frozen waterfall Elopement photos in Lake Louise I could ever imagined!

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