Chelsey & Kyle – Sunset Ranch Wedding Kelowna, BC.

There’s honestly nothing better than spending a few days in Kelowna and getting to shoot two people at Sunset Ranch that are so incredibly in love  that they bring their friends and family to tears (not to mention one another).

Waiting in line at #YYC for the gates to open, I grabbed my camera bag and headphones and waited for them to call my zone to board the plane. As everyone funnelled down the corridor, I sipped on my coffee and started daydreaming about how much fun I was about to have.

Ten minutes prior to landing we hit a little turbulence and found out that we were being re-routed to Vancouver to land and possibly refuel before we could hit the skies again and fly back to Kelowna. There went my non-stop flight! But oh well – as long as I made it to Kelowna for this amazing occasion what’s an extra few hours of my time, right? I am always up for an adventure!

We landed at #YVR and I quickly headed to the customer service counter along with the plane full of people to get a ticket to board the next flight into #YLW (that’s Kelowna’s airport code if you are not familiar!). The person in front of me turned around with a sad face, which led to me finding out they had filled the next plane and now I would have to stay the night at the Hilton in Vancouver instead of going straight to Kelowna. “Fine,” I thought, “What’s a night in my favourite city?!” After all, I had planned to have a day to myself to chill before I had to scout for the wedding… Looked like my chill day would just have to be in a different city!

I jumped in a cab and made my way to my hotel. Remembering my good friend had relocated from Toronto to Vancouver recently, I promptly messaged him and to my surprise he was able to come visit me. What a treat! After seeing Jon, I hit the sack early as my flight to Kelowna was scheduled for the wee hours of the morning. Waking up at 4 am isn’t the easiest thing for this girl to do but I made it to the airport just in time to grab another coffee before boarding the plane to Kelowna. Finally, I arrived! Landing was so so sweet for this “type A” girl.

After a quick nap, I met Chelsey and her best friend and MOH Jillian at a cafe around the corner. Jillian is so sweet, she graciously lent me her car for a few days as she wasn’t in need of it.
As I drove around the winding mountain roads, her rearview mirror wind chimes jingled and clanged and I felt the breeze coming through the open window. What a lovely day it was!

I always try to meet local photographers when I travel, and I took the opportunity this time to meet up with a local real estate agent / photographer named Colin. He was awesome and as we told stories about life we wandered onto abandoned properties and chatted with quite a few farm owners before I found the perfect spot for Chelsey & Kyle’s formals.

Before I knew it, the day had passed and it was time to have dinner. I met up with my friend Drew who is beyond amazing. He’s basically a super intellectual guy who knows almost everyone you could ever cross paths with in Kelowna. Dipping my feet into the lake as we chatted and laughed about random comings and goings I got super excited to check out some local restaurants we don’t have here in Calgary.

The old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is such an understatement. It was already time for me to do a final prep of my gear and head to bed in preparation for the wedding.

I don’t know if it was the clean air or just shooting at a new place but I couldn’t sleep with all the excitement. I woke up early and headed to Chelsey’s Air BnB to meet the girls. I have never had a client who was opposed to me showing up early on their wedding day, so I headed in to chat and catch up with Chels before starting to shoot her details.

The day was sunny, hot and to say anything less than amazing would just be a sin. It was spectacular!

Open skies and bright sunlight allowed for a variety of shots and before I knew it I was heading to the airport. Goodbye Kelowna – We shall meet again!


Vendor Love:

Photographer // Sarah Pukin 
Hair & Make up Stylist // Skye Sandau
Bride Getting Ready Location // West Kelowna Airbnb 
Brides dress designer // Cosmobella
Store purchased from // Bridal Couture Dezigns
Shoes // Le Chateau
Nails // Amora Day Spa
Garter // Elite Bridal Boutique 
Jewellery //Elite Bridal Boutique 
Veil & head piece // Elite Bridal Boutique 
Groom Getting Ready Location // Kokanee Beach Resort
Suit  // Le Chateau 
Cufflinks // His Grandpa’s!
Tie // Le Chateau 
Shoes //Le Chateau 
Wedding Rings/Bands // Lawlor Jewelry 
Ceremony Location // Sunset Ranch Golf and Country Club
Officient // Sondra Richardson 
Reception Venue //Sunset Ranch Golf and Country Club
DJ // John Byrne
Florist // Floral Designs By Lee 
Cake // Kaleena Cakes
Limo // Sun Valley Limousine
Wedding Signs // Auntie Bee’s Crafts 

From the Bride and Groom.

Wedding colours: Navy and blush pink!

What feel were you going for: We really wanted to go for a vintage elegance vibe while incorporating a warm, fun, and romantic feel into our day.

Your top 3 best moments and why:

Bride: My favorite moment was definitely walking down the aisle and seeing Kyle for the first time and knowing I was about to marry my best friend! Also all of the speeches were absolutely amazing and definitely being able to celebrate our love with all of our closest friends and family was incredible.

Groom: Seeing Chels get out of the limo and walk down the aisle, hanging out in the limo with the wedding party, and the speeches!

Wedding song: Our wedding song was Nothing Can Change This Love by Sam Cooke. It took us soo long to decide on a song cause we couldn’t find anything that just felt right for us. And then one night we were driving home and this song came on and we just knew! It has that old school vibe along with the best lyrics that fit who we are as a couple.

Anything you would like to add: Our day was the most magical, romantic, greatest day of our lives and we are so lucky to have had Sarah as our photographer. She is extremely talented and knows exactly how to capture the beautiful moments!

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