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So if you’re like me, you might wish to live your life like you’re in a hotel. Not just any hotel but a trendy, fancy one! Try this making these DIY Amber Shampoo Bottles!

One thing I have always hated was my hideous mismatched shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles in my shower. Nothing says brain pain like nothing matching.

So during my attempts to update my home and make it more “Sarah in her 30s” less “Sarah in her 20s,” I decided hey, there is a commonality of the styles I like. I’m into Scandinavian/ mid-century modern styles – at least at home!

This is very complimentary to my vision for my nest.

Once I decided what I wanted, I spent three days trying to find everything I needed! Luckily I have Amazon Prime – I’m the most impatient person when it comes to instant results. If I have an idea, it’s usually max three days until it’s completed unless it’s impossible!

What you need for this awesome bottle update is (links included) //

– Amber bottles (I got glass but plastic would technically be a better idea for in the shower). I went for 16 oz & 8 oz ones
-Plastic pumps (I got these ones because I didn’t like the ones that came with the bottles I bought – make sure you get the right size)
-Embossing label maker 
-Label tape (I chose black and it embossed white and that was the look I wanted)
-Your liquids – aka buy refill soap since you’ll be putting it in nice containers

My process //

1. Measure how long you want the pump “straw” to be – make sure before you cut them all it hits the bottom of the bottle
2. Cut the straw on an angle
3. Punch your words out on your label maker
4. Before taking the backing off the labels, place it around the bottle to see where you want to place it in the end. I chose the top part but the bottom or middle would also look nice!
5. Remove the backing of the label
6. Place it on the opposite side of the bottles seam so you won’t see the seam when the label is facing outwards
7.Press it down onto the bottom as straight as possible – I eyeballed this because I didn’t mind if they were slightly off. After all, no one will be up close and critiquing my abilities! But if you want to be super accurate try using a ruler and marking it with a dry erase marker and aligning your labels to the dots!
8. Pop the funnel in the top and pour your liquids in!
9. Screw on your pumps!

Bingo, you’re done!

Hot Tip //

Conditioner and thick liquids suck to pour through a funnel. For those, I’d suggest slowly squeezing them into your Amber jars!

Okay, so now you have the cutest containers in your home! Why not update your kitchen hand soap and dishwasher soap so your counter can look super cute also!

Fun idea //

make homemade cleaning solution and give it out as stocking stuffers for the holidays!

I’d love to see what yours look like so feel free to dm me on Instagram or Facebook with yours!

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