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January 3, 2023

Downtown Calgary Rooftop Engagement Photos.

Rooftop Engagement Photos in Downtown Calgary.


There is nothing like Downtown Calgary Rooftop Engagement Photos – being on a Rooftop will always spark my creativity. Something about the view, seeing the skyline and the reflection of the sun hitting the endless windows feels like another world.

Now if you mix a fantastic location like a rooftop and two super cute people in love thats really where memories are created.

Ferron and Pierry are magical. Yes I said it – absolutely magical. I met them on the side of the road and we wondered around downtown together like old friends.

They put their full trust in me taking them to the most random spots Calgary has. I guess I don’t give off weirdo vibes because more often than not I have a meeting spot and an end location and everything in between is an adventure for these types of sessions.

Every time I see a spot we would stop and take photos – Downtown Calgary feels huge although in comparison to most cities I know its smaller.

It doesn’t matter how many times I have driven around it in circles scouting for the perfect spots I always find something new that gets me excited when I’m walking to the next location.

When I found the staircase (you will see it below) I gasped – literally I was so excited about it. It has that old city feel that was perfect for their urban style/vibe.

Also I can’t believe how stunning Ferron’s eyes are – I had to grab a few shots of her as the main focus because her eyes were just so intriguing. Also I got to say I ran into Pierry at the Bridgeland Market when I was photographing Amanda and Jeffs wedding and literally felt like I ran into an old friend! He’s amazing.

Without further adue here is their awesome Downtown Calgary Engagement Photo shoot!

If you’re looking for engagement photos or couples photos feel free to drop me an email here! I would love to hear about what your looking for whether it be in Downtown Calgary, the mountains or elsewhere!




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