Fall Barrier Lake Engagement Photos in the Canadian Rockies – Sarah Pukin

January 21, 2022

Fall Barrier Lake Engagement Photos in the Canadian Rockies.

Alisha and Gregs super playful Barrier Lake Engagement photos out in the Canadian Rockies!

Alisha and Greg are super cute and playful with one another and you know me I always have a blast at sessions but man these two are easy to hang out with!! Just super down to earth chill humans who are literally up for anything.

For example, I had Alisha jumping into Gregs arms several times while standing in the middle of some super rad washed up drift wood – They executed this perfectly in the end! And they were just so chill about it!

After all, jumping isn’t always the easiest in ideal conditions aka not surrounded by roots from a fallen tree! Big high five to these two for nailing it!

Multiple locations in Kananaskis

Lucky for us we had enough time to do a few spots in Kananaskis for their Engagement photos.

The blue of Barrier Lake behind them was the perfect compliment to their cozy style and our first spot was STUNNING with their cute fall outfits.

Outfit Choices to compliment the Location and your style

Normally, I ask people to steer clear from any kind of red shade in their outfits. But I really loved how the deep burgundy tones mixed with the moss in the trees! I think I will definitely be adding it to my okay list now! They won me over.

Wide open spaces

One thing I really love about Fall Barrier Lake Engagement Photos in the Canadian Rockies is the space. Some parts of the mountains feel enclosed – but Barrier Lake is not like that at all – its wide open and gives you a big beautiful view from the shore.

Start Planning

If you’re ready to plan your Fall photos I highly suggest getting in touch asap as my Fall dates book first! Fall is honestly the most beautiful time in the Canadian Rockies and in some spots the Larches are visible here in Alberta! So take it from me and start planning now!

Contact me here to chat about your Fall Barrier Lake Engagement Photos or Fall adventure session, etc…



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