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January 21, 2022

Fall Engagement Photos at Emerald Lake Lodge.

Driving to Emerald Lake Lodge is one of my favourites. Normally its steady traffic the whole journey. Mel and Mings Fall Engagement Photos at Emerald Lake were perfect. It was smooth sailing the whole way there – Then I realized that the road was still closed into B.C. due to the roads being washed out. Past Field there wasn’t really anything else you could get to before the road closed thus the drive from Lake Louise to Emerald lake was empty!

In my experience

In all my years of shooting I have never been the only one on the highway. It was a great start to the day.

Then when I tell you how stunning these two babes looked I can’t even explain! M and M are so chic – Mountain Chic if you will!

From strolling around the lake to enjoying the perfect moments of fun, laughter and adventure together their Engagement photos were top notch!

3 tips for Planning for Engagement photos at Emerald Lake Lodge


If you have ever been to a popular spot you know parking can be a nightmare – Emerald Lake Lodge is on an island so if you’re a guest of the lodge they have their own parking lot (that’s not in walkable distance) with a frequent shuttle. But if your just visiting for the day or just going to the lake you will find yourself at a tiny parking lot. So arriving early during peek hours/season is essential for being able to find a spot for your visit.

2. Lighting

Lighting on a lake, at the high point of the day, can be quite harsh if there isn’t cloud cover. Aka the sun is going to bounce right off the water making the beautiful hues of the lake disappear (unless you have a circular polarizing filter like I do!). So plan to schedule your session outside of the brightest part of the day! I personally love shooting mid afternoon or early evening.

3. Season

Planning your session around what kind of view you want will depend on the season you plan to go there. Fall is definitely beautiful around the Lake – plus the crisp air is amazing. Summer allows for later start times as the light is out later in the night – plus it’s warmer into the evening.

Spring is a little muddy here. Because the Lake to the left of the Lodge freezes completely during the winter, the runoff and melt make the shore line quite a muddy mess! Winter is stunning – but you get no water – the appeal to me of Emerald Lake is definitely the beautiful water!

If you’re ready to plan your Engagement, Elopement or Wedding photos at Emerald Lake lodge get in touch here to find out my availability and options!



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