When I packed my car my heart sunk for JP & Ali. The sky was gloomy and it was bucketing down with rain.

My windshield wipers were on full blast as I drove across the city to meet the girls at JP’s childhood home. Everyone was in high spirits chatting away as they got ready for the day and reminiscing over old photographs.

Just as Ali stepped into her dress the sky’s cleared – I crossed my fingers for them that their rooftop ceremony at Fashion Central was able to happen. Weddings in Calgary can be unpredictable in August – you either get gorgeous hot weather or rain, luckily for them they got a mix.

Jumping over puddles I made my way to the ceremony to find Rachel from Hera Weddings and Events setting up Ali and JPs dream ceremony. Everything was drying up and the bridesmaids and man headed to the back  to hide from everyone as they arrived.

Stephen Avenue is absolutely beautiful but unfortunately the street level is cluttered with branding from the restaurants and shops. You don’t see the true beauty of 8th Ave until you look up at the undisturbed architectural value it has. Being on the rooftop was a photographers dream. The old sandstone masonry construction is my favorite when it comes to heritage buildings. Being able to see the Bank of Montreal building at eye level in all its glory was breathtaking.

The large Hudson Bay buildings top 4 almost 5 floors was a stunning backdrop alongside massive pink and peach balloons.

Not to mention right after the ceremony the Bride and Groom had a private moment down a little walkway that faced the Palliser Hotel and the Grain Exchange buildings. They smooched and cuddled.

We spent a few hours with the Bridal Party shooting portraits all over the city, with full confidence they all climbed up old benches and went down secluded pathways so we could create memories the bride and groom will have for the rest of their lives.

This year was my first time shooting at Alloy – from the road it doesn’t stand out, you might have driven past the restaurant but at a closer look you realize how well planned out the interior is and see the hidden patio that’s perfect for cocktail hour. The couples friends and family mingled outside until the Wedding Party and Bride and Groom arrived back from a quick side trip to their house to drop off Primo (the cutest puppy). By the time they had arrived I already shot all the interior details of Alloy and the beautiful design the Bride had created for their Reception.

The evening was full of delicious food, laughter, meaningful stories and gratitudes all around. I not only had a wonderful time capturing the day but was truly moved by their individual stories and the love that was shared all day.



Hair Stylist // Angles Strathcona

Make-up Artists // Angles Strathcona 
Brides dress // Pronovias Mildred from The Bridal Centre
Jewellery // Nordstrom and Tacori
Head piece // S2 Bridal
Ceremony Location // Fashion Central Calgary, Rooftop
Officient // Soleiha B. Mahrcell 
Reception Venue // Alloy
DJ // Allison Chiclo
Florist // Amborella
Wedding Planner // Hera Weddings and Events
Cake // Whippt

From the couple:

What was your wedding colours: Coral, blush, gold with b+w accent stripe

What theme or feel were you going for: A modern, clean and elegant approach. Accents that pop with a mix of coral and gold.

Your top 3 best moments and why: JP’s first look at Ali and Ali seeing JP standing at the front of all our family and friends. When the rain stopped after hours upon hours of a morning downpour (yahoo).

Wedding song: Our wedding song was Future Days by Pearl Jam. A beautiful song that we both love and the lyrics speak to both of us. It is also JP’s favourite band by a mile.


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