Today I’m absolutely over the moon. I few weeks back I submitted Rachel & Rays quirky out of the box Alice in Wonderland Wedding to my Favorite Wedding Blog of all time – Rock N Roll Bride.

Once I got an e mail back from Kat saying how she was going to feature it I literally almost had a heart attack from excitement. Once I gathered all the information from Rachel on who her venders were and asked a couple questions that Kat wanted to use in her post about their wedding I sent it over and waited patiently.

I heard back from Kat that April 2nd would be the date the post went live on her Blog.

Last night I had Rachel and Ray over to choose their album and told them that their wedding officially was going to be on the blog the next day. Lets just say I got an awesome high-five (my favorite) and the gratification of seeing two super pumped up peeps.

After such an awesome experience Im pleased so share the link to check out Rachel & Rays Alice in wonderland wedding on Rock N Roll Bride & Additional images on Sarah Pukin Photographys blog.