Feel your Best with Calgary Boudoir Photographer Sarah Pukin

November 21, 2018


Feel your best with Calgary Boudoir Photographer Sarah Pukin.

It’s time to feel your best with Calgary Boudoir Photographer Sarah Pukin who’s known for empowering and creating stunning boudoir photos for women in Calgary.

Hey Ladies! It’s me Calgary Boudoir Photographer Sarah Pukin. Because it’s that time of year again when we’re all getting ready to do a long list of things for other people. As a Calgary Boudoir Photographer, I feel like I just have to remind you that giving yourself an afternoon of pampering and an experience that’s going to be memorable and self-empowering might be the best thing you can for yourself before the holidays have you running all over and dedicating yourself 100% to others. It’s a chance to put you first!

Christmas shopping, parties, finding the perfect gifts, baking and constantly thinking about you friends and family during the next few months is going to be hella fun of course, but it makes me think… when do we as nurturers decide to give ourselves as much as we give to others?

I stand by the strong belief that we as women need to feel empowered, smart, sexy and like the girl boss we are! So this is my call to all you beautiful souls out there. Book yourself a day to do something special for yourself. Consider coming in and getting your hair and makeup done, spending a few hours giggling, goofing around and allowing yourself to be the wonderful woman you are, and let me capture those moments for you!

Over 14 years of experience!

I have been photographing amazing women for over 14 years and let me tell you, it always is the best day for me when I get to hear someone’s story and capture their beauty.

Although I believe you should do this session for yourself, it is kind of nice that you can double it up as a gift to someone if you have a special person in your life that would also enjoy seeing you feeling radiant and carefree! (But ladies remember, first and foremost, this should be for yourself! Girls should have fun and not feel bad about it!)

I’d also like to let you know that I’ve been working super hard over the last 12 months to update the Calgary studio and I am excited to share my two new sets with you! Yes, my other favourite sets are still here, so don’t worry about that! But with the addition of these two new ones, it allows me to be more creative and energized, while also letting all my previous boudoir ladies who love coming back each year to have a new range for the backgrounds of their photos. Exciting!

Growth as an artist is important to me and I am excited for all the support from everyone on Instagram as well as the wonderful people who have come in for sessions and have pre-booked their 2019/2020 sessions already.

Also I am currently updating my website with new photos now that Wedding season has wrapped up! So make sure to check it out when you have a moment!

It’s time to feel your best and put yourself first. By all means book your session with me now before the holidays get all your attention.

Head over to the contact page and fill out the form or drop me an email to with your availability and we will get you booked in!

Outfit insporation – I also tried to find links to similar options!

Calvin Klein Bra + Undies

Black knee highs

Black Lace Bralette

White Lace Crop tops: Option 1, Option 2,

Amazing hair and make up done by Emily from Bellamore Beauty

Images by moi Calgary Boudoir Photographer Sarah Pukin.

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