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What is Boudoir Photography?
Boudoir is a type of Photography that involves an intimate setting to create empowering images of you. Most commonly you would be wearing lingerie some opt for bodysuits. Gifting intimate images of your self is a rising trend for today's ladies. Many of my boss-babes give an album of the images to their significant other the night before the wedding or for their anniversary, birthday or just because. Also it has become a self-love movement. (my favorite) Nothing feels more empowering than loving yourself just the way you are - sexy, confident, beautiful and smart.
Who gets boudoir images done?
Woman who are looking for beautiful images of them-selves or to feel empowered and embrace their femininity. Anyone who wants to give an intimate gift for special occasions. Some of the most popular are for anniversaries, birthdays, and wedding presents, celebrations, and holidays and just for the fun of it. Who doesn’t love to be surprised.
Boudoir bachlorette group shoots
I want to do a session with my friends do you do that?
Yes they are called Bachlorette or group parties. These are female only parties for you and your friends. Please inquire in the contact tab for more information about custom packages. Generally these sessions are anywhere from 3-6 girls including yourself and range in investments depending on how many friends you would like to involve. The sessions are still private and can include hair and make up. Just think sexy and classy photos of yourself with a few cute group shots!
Scheduling & What To Expect
What forms of payment options are there?
I accepts cash, cheque & e-mail money transfer. If a cheque is provided there will be a holding period and no material will be given out until the check has been cleared. *All bounced checks are subject to a $50 admin fee*
Payment policy
A 50% retainer is required to hold your scheduled date and time, this is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are unable to show up or cancel your session, your retainer is forfeited.
How do I book my boudoir session?
The most common way to schedule a session is to select the "Contact" tab and to complete the form or to call Sarah directly at 403-837-4614. A 50% retainer is required to hold your scheduled date & time, this is non-refundable and non-transferable.
How can I get organized for my session?
I will provide you with a complete list of suggestions and examples of outfit ideas once your retainer is received and your session is confirmed and booked. Here is a few ideas to get you started: Try to steam or iron all of your outfits prior to your session – I suggest using hangers &/or garment bags to transport your outfits to reduce wrinkling. Remember to wear loose fitting clothing and skip undergarments before your session so that when arrive you don't have red marks or indents on your skin. Bring outfits that you feel your best in; confidence is key. The better you feel in what you are wearing the better result you will have in your images. If you are getting hair and make up done please make sure to blow dry your hair and moisturize before running out the door – also remember to skip the make up.
I am choosing to get my hair and make up done/it is included in my collection, what should I expect?
You should expect an amazing result. I only use professionals when booking hair and make up artists. In saying that the reason why it is important to use a professional is due to the fact photography lighting has a much different effect on make up then daily wear. Generally there is a different application method and it assures that you will get the best result for photography. About 98% of the woman who come to the studio go with a collection including hair and make-up.
Do you shoot topless images? I dont see them in your portfolio so I thought I would ask.
Yes I do, I keep all images tasteful and classy. If you wish to have your full chest shot just ask or let me know. I dont post those images on my website unless I am specifically given permission.
I want to do a Boudoir session with my husband/boyfriend, Do you shoot couples photos?
I do! They are 100% classy! No full nudity - think him in boxers, sweatpants or jeans and you in a cute outfit! Vibe: cute and sexy but not erotic. If you would like to see examples please e-mail me at
How many outfits should I bring?
In the prep guide you will receive it goes over details of what to bring and what not to bring! Don't worry about your outfits just yet!
Do you supply anything clothing or accessory wise?
I have necklaces you are free to use but due to hygiene and the nature of lingerie I do not supply outfits. I think shopping for your session is one of the best parts leading up to it! Think when you go in a store to buy a many do you try on before you find the one that fits just right? Now think about how many different shapes and sizes of humans there are. It would be hard to have enough selection for everyone to have something they feel amazing in. Plus I would prefer to keep being inspired by what people bring and how good they feel in their outfits - if I had to shoot the same outfits all the time it would take a little joy out of it for me! My favourite thing is checking out what outfits you bring to your shoot and gushing over the excitement of what you found! I get really excited when people bring things I have never seen before! PS online shopping has been really amazing for a lot of my clients! ASOS constantly has unique items!
Do you supply clothing & can you make suggestions?
Clothing is not supplied but here is a list of types of clothing that you might want to bring: Nightgowns Booty shorts, g-strings, thongs, bikini undies Matching Bra and panties Bustier, Teddies, and Baby dolls Jeans that make you feel great Fishnets or thigh highs Bikinis Garter belts (I do have a bunch that you can borrow if you don't have any) Sexy dresses Corsets Your wedding veil or fascinator Wicked themed hats like: police, sailor, caption, fireman, etc. Things to avoid: anything with lots of obvious patterns because solid colors are generally the most flattering.
Will others see me naked during the session?
No one other than you, me, and my camera will be there. The make-up and hair artist generally leaves after she does the finishing touches. If she does stay she wont be inside the area we will be shooting in.
Are you allowed to post my images online?
I respect everyone's personal wishes. Due to the nature of boudoir photography, some images you might not want to share with others and some you might not mind. I always leave it up to you what images you’re comfortable with me posting on my online portfolio. I have three options: Anything (with in my own desecration), Face cropped off or looking away and do not post! When you sign the liability waver I will ask you and add it to your client file!
What if I am not as thin as I would like to be?
You are you and that is beautiful. It is my job as a photographer to figure out the best poses for your body shape and size to insure that the best areas are emphasized and the areas you are not to fond of are deemphasized. If you have an area your not to fond of let me know ahead of time to I can make sure to make you feel the best you possibly can!