Leigh and I convoyed up to Golden, BC the Wednesday prior to our big day where we relaxed and got ready for the days ahead.

We spend the first day unpacking the cars and driving around on different adventures through uncharted roads.

The forecast kept changing on us – one day it was going to be sunny all week and the next it was thunder showers. We kept a super positive outlook that no matter what we would have a wicked day. I think the fact we got married in a tipi camp left some good karma with the rain gods.

One of my favorite parts of the week was when Leigh and I drove up to Edelweiss Village and checked out the architecture of the old chalets.

The Swiss-style chalets were constructed in the early 1900s for the mountain guides that came over as part of the CPR. When you’re driving into Golden from the west they are on your left and if you’re driving in from the east they would be on your right up on the hilltop.

Although you can’t go on the land of the Chalets you can still look from the road. If you bring a good zoom lens on your trip than you can get some pretty wicked shots. I used my 70-200 mm as well as my 24 mm TS to capture my shots.

After our wedding day our family & friends headed out back to the UK, Calgary, Edmonton and basically all over the states. We were than left for a little mini-moon with Tiesto our fur baby.

We did day trips to a bunch of  Towns that were close by and discovered some of the most unique abandoned places I have seen in years.

We found a dilapidated amusement park that was barely still standing due to vandalism. Despite the sketchy state it was left in, Leigh and I checked out the fun that once adorned the paths of the park. It would be a total gem to rehabilitate and bring new life to. Someone should buy it and revive it!!

Driving around B.C. hand in hand was amazing. One day we found a turn off for Hemlock Grove Boardwalk. Have you ever seen the movie Fern Gully when you were a child? I feel like this place would be the inspiration for that movie. Large trees so big that you can stand right inside of them. The leaves were bigger than Tiesto and the moss Oh the moss. It covered everything. Light streaks came through the canopies and made a luminance that was dreamy. Tiesto enjoyed walking around the trail and she’s a small girl so if she can do it it would be perfect for larger dogs (think lots of stairs and quite hot in the summer). I suggest bringing plenty of water.

Another day we drove to Invermere and walked the streets grabbing coffee and checking out their antique stores. We met the nicest shop owner who allowed us to bring Tiesto inside to check out his antiques. If you ever have time to check out High Country Antiques you should bring your dog!

During our mini-moon I was teaching Leigh to use manual mode on my 5D mkIII. He shot a bunch of photos of me as well as some mountain shots. I couldn’t believe how easily he caught on how to expose the frames. I love the shots he took of me high-fiving Tiesto on an old mountain runoff.

On our second to last day in Golden we headed to Windermere Valley and stumbled upon the Windermere Valley Museum. If you live in calgary this place is very similar to Heritage Park but its free to visit and there isn’t a fence around the buildings. The best part about this place was the lady who told us about the buildings and chatted with us. We actually arrived just as they were closing and she didn’t mind staying open so we could check out all the buildings and she was even so kind to bring Tiesto a bowl of water. She was super hot that day and really appreciated the kindness of this lady.

Its funny how the smallest of things make the biggest impact when your discovering new places. I wish I could remember her name because she really made our day great and we would recommend to everyone passing through to stop for a chat and check out the historical buildings.