How to choose a Calgary Editorial Photographer for your Wedding

Choosing a Calgary Editorial Wedding Photographer

I absolutely love photographing Weddings as a Calgary Editorial Photographer with a photojournalistic style.

Weddings have so many possibilities for a flow of different styles throughout the day.

Personally I shoot photojournalistically with an organic approach for most of the day.

When it comes to details and couples photos I lean more to my Editorial Photography style for those parts of the Wedding itself.

Yes, the moments themselves are still highly natural but without knowing it. When you see a gallery of your curated images you wouldn’t know a good portion of the couples photos look so natural because of the cues I give my couples.

To be able to achieve an editorial feeling to your photographs (unless you’re Models by trade). You will definitely need cues and a photographer with a vision.

I pull my vision for photos, poses and moments from people watching!

I’m observing my couples to understand their personalities and their connection. I use these observations as a Calgary Editorial Photographer to create the moments like these below!

Example of Editorial Wedding Photography

You will see in Stephanie and James’s Venue 308 Wedding here in Downtown Calgary that their images go from being a very organic and natural photojournalistic style in the morning during prep with hints of editorial moments in them.

Then they switch to a full photojournalistic style during their first look. Keeping it as authentic as possible.

Followed by more organic editorial viby moments during their Couples and Wedding Party photos.

Their Ceremony is fully organic photograjourlism and their post ceremony photos are all editorial.

The reception is also photojournalism where moments are not altered but documented  as they are unfolding Рnaturally!

Now with the photography trends online becoming very editorial and viby I am basically in the happiest place as an artist and documentarian.

Before I would say my style of photography was niche but now I’d definitely have to agree that it’s on trend.

It still has more of a timeless vibe to it than some!

So what are you most interested in when it comes to your Wedding Photos?

Are you looking for trendy viby moments or natural editorial organic moments?

Have no clue what you want – but you connect with my photos and want the same kind of vibe?

Well don’t worry your 100% in the right place!!

Your photos will look like you and you will have a day documented and curated to highlite your connection and that of your friends and family! The small moments and the big moments and all the fun stuff in between!

Ready to chat more about your Wedding and you and your honey’s love story?? Start by contacting me here.

Giving me a glimpse inside your connection and tell me all about your plans for the perfect Wedding of your dreams!