How to find the confidence to book a boudoir session



1. What was your favourite part of your boudoir session

My favourite part of the session was seeing all the unbelievable pictures that were taken. Nothing can compare to seeing the results at the end and all the anticipation from waiting to see if they turned out like you thought they would in your head, especially because Sarah’s pictures are FAR beyond expectations! But, I also have to mention all of the great laughs that we shared, seriously so fun!

2. Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?

I decided to do a boudoir session as this was something I always wanted to try. Having unique and stunning pictures of yourself is so important for not only your confidence but also for looking back at photos of yourself, especially for the future!

3. Have you ever done a boudoir session before?

Never! But I’m beyond happy that Sarah was my first boudoir shoot, and honestly, the only photographer I’ll go to now!

4. What was your favourite outfit choice and why?!

I think my favourite outfit was a cut up and cropped t-shirt! These pictures turned out so great and perfectly moody!

5. Why did you choose me to shoot your boudoir session?

I chose you as your portfolio and experience is unmatched. Your website and social media showcased how freakin talented you are and there was no way I could go with someone else after reading so many steluar reviews!

6. If you felt any kind of nerves before coming how long did it take you to relax and enjoy the experience?? 

I definitely had some nerves showing up as I was not really knowing what to expect and if I brought the proper outfits. Those nerves went away as soon as we took the first picture and started having fun and laughing! Not only does Sarah help narrow out what to wear, but she also guided me through every single pose!

7. What would you say to someone contemplating doing a boudoir shoot with me who’s on the fence? 

I would say DO IT! Sarah is the most professional and fun photographer I’ve ment. The results speak for themselves obviously, but even the overall experience was so fun! We joked around the entire session and she makes you feel so comfortable! If you’re nervous for any reason, there’s no need to be with Sarah! You can tell she takes so much pride in her work and truly wants to make sure you love the pictures!

8. Review – if you have anything you would like to say I would love the feedback and to share your testimonial 🙂

10/10 experience and highly recommended! You’re the best Sarah! I can’t wait to get the pictures back!