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March 10, 2023

Indian Wedding in Calgary Colourful Fusion Part 1

Indian Fusion Wedding in Calgary with a Bold Elegance.

I knew Sonia and James were going to have an amazing Indian Wedding in Calgary. Also, I had no idea how amazing it was going to be until I walked in to see their vision come to life.


A Colourful Fusion Indian Wedding in Calgary with a sunrise to sunset theme.

This stunning – let me correct myself – beyond stunning Wedding was one of the biggest multi day Weddings I have ever photographed.

(That’s right this girl photographed this multi day Wedding with over 300 guests all by herself and crushed it!).

How we met and their vision for their Fusion Indian Wedding in Calgary

Bringing the story back to when I first met Sonia and James and how I knew they were a freaking cool couple!

We met over Skype – Learning these cool cats are from NYC and were bringing their shindig here to Calgary where James formally Studied his craft.

(He’s a wicked playwright and Sonia is a talented tv critic).  Hearing about their long distance relationship and how they met during his internship.

We chatted about what was important to them and what they were looking for – it was a perfect fit!

Originally I was going to photograph their Hindu Ceremony.

Later decided to add on the Garba and Raas earlier in the day (I’m so glad they did).

They being super chill humans and I was stoked when they were coming to Calgary a few days early.

So we could do their Engagement session in Kananaskis.

Day 1


When I arrived at Sonias hotel room at The Westin to find her with two arms resting on a pillow. Her Henna was already underway.

I was pumped to see her again (post engagement session) and start capturing their Wedding week!

And was super excited for her Mehndi (a pre-wedding event).

Evelyn her planner had decked out one of the rooms in Pinks, Golds and other jewel tones which I would later see tied into their collective vision for the week!

Her Mehndi event was full of mingling, snacks, Henna and of course dancing to a live band!

It was to feel all of the excitement and love for Sonia!

Day 2


I have never, ever seen pink monstera leafs and the vibrant babies breath everything was absolutely unreal to see in person at their Garba!

My favourite part was when the dancing started. I was a kid in a candy shop! The angles, the movement, the enthusiasm from absolutely everyone was enchanting!!

When the Garba was over I give a big shoutout to Evelyn and her team, the Westin and of course Lyn for their room flip!

After 19 years photographing all kinds of Weddings I have never seen such a flip of this multitude!!

Not to mention having 300 guests who have been dancing their asses off leave so you can get it done in time for the Ceremony!

Ceremony Detail Shots

When I walked in to see what amazing design Evelyn had done and the jaw dropping Mandap that Lyn from Flower Artistry and her team had created I was giddy!

I knew it was going to be good – but I could never have imagined this!

James none traditional Baratt 

James and I coordinated that when they were a few blocks away he would text me so I could catch the end of the Baratt (after grabbing detail shots of the ceremony for them).

I could already hear him and his friends coming long before I saw them a few city blocks away!

They had made large paper airplanes and fixed them to poles with lights and streamers., as he and his friends got closer I could hear them singing and then they danced their way into the Ceremony.

James was met by Sonias Parents at the end of the aisle runway.

Grand Entrance Ceremony

James was waiting under the Mandap as the doors opened and Sonia and her friends walked to the runway – the ladies walked beside the stage as Sonia walked solo to meet James under the Mandap.

If there was ever an editorial moment in my career this was it!

Sonia was absolutely breathtaking.

Hindu Ceremony

I love and respect all traditions and really love learning about them.

But to be able to document them and be emerged in the feelings and emotions of their Parents, friends and family was something else.

Even now selecting photos for this journal entry I can remember the tears rolling down Sonias cheeks and the feeling as her Parents gave their blessings.

After the Ceremony

Post Ceremony James and Sonia wanted photos with their friends before we headed out to grab some photos of them together (at night).

They asked if there was going to be any issues for night photos and after containing my excitement I simply put it – nope, no problems at all!

If you know me you know I love a mixture of images and I always love evening photos before the day is done! So to have them excited and game for anything was amazing!

It rained during their Indian Wedding in Calgary

Nearing the end of editorials the sky decided to rain on us. It was the perfect end to photos! Check the last image to see why!! Its absolutely magical!

Now for the photos of Sonia and Jame’s Fusion Indian Wedding in Calgary

Below I have journaled the days as following so you can easily understand how all the events and moments was scheduled!

Day 1

Sonias Mehndi

Day 2




Evening Editorial Photos

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Day 1 Mehndi

Day 2

Garba + Baratt + Ceremony

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